Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey family!!!

How`s life? It`s already December! That`s nuts.  I have been in Topilejo since August. Since Shayla`s birthday. By now I am guessing the 4th addition of her Christmas list has already been given to mom and dad. Hahaha. Love you sis;) Some people have Christmas lights up here now and I have seen some other Christmas trees. It still feels like it`s the middle of summer. My face is so burnt and I had a sun spot on my hand that finally went away after a month. But don`t worry, I put sunscreen on every day.  Monday and Tuesday we had to leave our heater on all day with the door shut because it was freezing at night. But the sun still burns. It`s so weird.
On Monday night Elder Leyva and I taught the rest of the district in our meeting about having the faith to find people to teach and helping them.  The district meetings and the meetings with the zone leaders on Sunday nights are some of the best things about the mission.
On Tuesday Hermano Carlos went with us all day and we got a ton of lessons with a member present which is always good. Hermana Angeles` grandson was in a coma with chicken pox so we prayed and fasted for him. He got better but he is still in the hospital. (We live in Hermana Angeles` house.) He is a cute little kids like six years old. We were all pretty worried for him. 
In Mèxico, people have to have water brought to their house in big trucks called Pipas. They just unload the water into big tanks under the houses. On Wednesday, the drivers all thought they were funny and decided to go on strike. So nobody gets water! We saw like 60 year old ladies carrying two five gallon buckets each of water up the huge hills in Topilejo. Elder Leyva and I helped them and contacted them too.  The old ladies here are beasts. But the strike is over now so its all good. 
On Thursday we had to go to Correos de Mèxico to get my package! Thank you so much. Elder Leyva really likes his shirt and he loved Kristi`s jerkey. Tell her thank you.  I love the package though, definitely good to have some candy not covered in chili powder. Haha.  That night we taught Alvaro and Taide and their 5 sons and one daughter. It was our second lesson with them and we taught the Restoration. They accepted it really well. I hope they get baptized. It would help our branch out a ton.  Right now they are praying to know if Josè Smith was a prophet.  We also taught the boy`s we just baptized that night with their mom. We gave her a Book of Mormon and some reading to do.
Yesterday we didn`t have any investigators come to church. I was bummed! We went to pick them up and we didn`t find any. It was stake conference in San Pedro so that might have had a lot to do with it. Lazy bums. Presidente Chàvez was there and talked. I love that guy. His talk was straight power too.  He could be the best teacher I have ever met.  Then last night after the meeting with the zone leaders we watched the Christmas devotional. We watched the first part in spanish and the second part in english.  I miss the Christmas devotional at home with the family, the pellet stove, and cookies and hot chocolate.  Oh well.  Their talks were all great. I am so glad I get to spread the message of Christ with the people here and tell them that He lives, and loves them, and wants them to be healed of all their problems.  I liked how President Monson said, "Become more interested in people more than in things." I have prayed so much while I have been here to love the people and little by little I feel my love increase. The pure love of Christ is what makes people happy to live and we need to feel it for everyone.
For Christmas here some people believe in Santa Claus and other people have the Tres Magos. They are like the three kings and supposedly bring presents to the kids.  The family downstairs wants to do a gift exchange and I drew a 12 year old named Christian.  I don`t know what to get him.  You will have to call me at Christmas or Christmas Eve at our house. We can`t skype or anything cool like that. Our mission president is pretty strict if you haven`t noticed. We can`t even drink coke!  That would be enough to send some people home. Haha.
Alright that`s all she wrote for this week. We are going to the centro now to find some 30 peso ties. I had a dream I got robbed by two little kids last night so let`s hope that doesn`t happen. Haha. Actually I threw my cell phone in one of the kids face and ran from them. Anyways...awkward. I love you!
Elder Hubbard

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