Monday, October 17, 2011


Another week just flew by and I am here to write again. How is everybody? I hope good. Okay this Tuesday I got to go back to Ajusco for intercambios with Elder Garza. I like teaching with him a lot but I´m not gonna lie, I didn´t miss Ajusco and all of her hills.  I taught Elder Garza to pray in english a little bit and he taught me to say some dialect words here. Like Popocatepetl. It´s the big volcano here. I sound legit when I say it. On Wednesday we taught a fifteen year old investigator that we have been teaching for like a month and a half the commandments. Afterwards he needed help with math so I taught him with Elder Leyva. In spanish I taught him about cubic centimeters and how to find the volume of little wooden trucks. It was tons of fun. Haha. Dad should be so proud of me. I would teach a little part and then Elder Leyva would testify of what I said was true. Haha. He´s getting an A on his next test for sure.  Afterwards we got rained on. We always do but this one is worth mentioning. Umbrellas only go so far before they can´t handle it. The streets were rivers and we were completely soaked. It was great fun.  On Tuesday we went to Ajusco and interviewed Joselín-the little girl we found through the taxi driver and walking up her street and back down and her mom yelling at us-for baptism. She passed!! Haha. And then our zone leaders came to Topilejo to interview Mauro for baptism and he passed too!  So they both got baptized on Saturday in the same service. We spent the whole day trying to get the font ready and everything which is kind of difficult here. Mauro´s whole family came and they aren´t members. His mom wants to be baptized but hadn´t been able to listen to us as much or go to church.  We showed them the church and I think we will have more success in their family. Joselín´s dad also isn´t a member and he came and should get baptized soon.  I gave a little, unprepared talk on faith and repentance to start. Elder Leyva said it was good.  Elder Leyva baptized Mauro and Elder Garza baptized Joselín. It was such a good day.  Yesterday Mauro was confirmed in church with the Holy Gost and as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with his mom and dad to watch. It was during ward conference and the Casa de Oración was packed. People here make a big deal out of ward conferance. Allll white shirts and ties, show up on time, and they show up. It´s amazing. There are more members here than I thought, they just have to come.  So Elder Leyva always goes to this Zapatero who fixes his shoes. We have been there a ton, and the last time we contacted him. He said we could come over Sunday morning. We went and had a lesson with with his wife and daughters. Three daughters. It was about the Plan de Salvación. He told us that his daughter just had surgery and he had promised God if she lived he would get closer to Him. And he said we are his answer! It was so sweet. I´m pumped.  It´s great to find people ready for the gospel. Yesterday I fasted to know how I could recieve personal revelation better for myself and investigtors. In a meeting with the zone leaders last night I realized I need to study Preach My Gosple more and that is my answer. It is the most important tool for me as a missionary.  Last night Elder Leyva said I talk in my sleep all the time. Sometimes in english, sometimes in spanish, sometimes neither. Haha. He probably thinks I am crazy. Poor Peruano.  My knees hurt a little bit more every day. I think it´s more standing on buses than anything. And the hills don´t help. We played basketball this morning and now they don´t feel so good either.  Oh on Saturday we had La Comida and the hermana gave us a full plate of pasta, (We eat something like spagghetti-o´s before most meals), and then a full plate of rice, and then a full plate of la comida. I had to pound it down. I hate it when people think we need 50000 calories to survive! Haha. I got a letter from Tommy this week and I am so pumped to have another bro in Mexico. Tell Tommy, Ryan, Stu, Hadley, Miles, and Travis that I love them. And get ready for that mission. That´s all I got for this week. I love you!
Elder Hubbard

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