Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey family!

 The Elders Tyler is serving in Mexico City with the last night at the MTC.

 Love that chocolate milk!

How`s life?? Yesterday we found out cambios at like 10 at night. The whole day was like waiting to be drafted in the NFL draft or something. I was pretty pumped and a little nervous. It ended up that Elder Leyva and I aren`t going anywhere. Land of the dogs, corn, hills, and drunks for another 6 weeks! Haha. I was a little suprised but it`s all good. I`ll serve where ever I am asked. So the next transfers are the 27 of December. Christmas in Topilejo.
This week was really good. Topilejo is starting to be a powerhouse of members.  My favorite lesson this week was probably on Tuesday with Mauro. We taught him about the plan of salvation and baptisms for the dead. He is going tomorrow to the temple with the branch! I`m so happy for him. He also told us he wants to serve a mission. I am so happy to see how happy he is and how strong of a member he is. It is so sweet.  We contacted a lady the other day named Juana and went to teach her. We found out that she is Mauro`s cousin and has seen the huge change in his life and how happy she is so she wants to listen to us too. That is how important our examples to others is.
On Wednesday we had intercambios. I stayed here in Topilejo and Elder Garcia from Ajusco came with me again. We had one lesson in the morning and then his head starting hurting. After La Comida we called the doctor who told him to sleep for the rest of the day and get some medicine. So I just chilled and read Jesus the Christ. He went to the doctor the day after and found out his brain is swollen so he got told to sleep for three days straight. It`s crazy. I hope he`s okay.
On Thursday we found another family. We gave a blessing to a lady like a month ago and we went back to teach her family. Her entire family listened to us teach the restoration. We told them that they could recieve an answer through the Spirit and then she explained how good she felt after the blessing we gave her. I know that the Spirit is real because investigators that haven`t heard of it, testify of it ever day.  Their family all went to church yesterday and things are looking good with them.  I want to baptize a family so bad!!!
On Friday I stayed in Topilejo on intercambios with Elder Vial, the zone leader. We did work. We put a baptismal date on a 21 year  old named Eduardo. He is the boyfriend of a less active member. Elder Vial is my favorite to work with. We had La Comida in a house where they just left us there and we pounded down some chicken nuggets. That sounded weird, but it was a fun day. Plus it was 11/11/11 which I have been waiting for for my entire life.
On Saturday Hermano Carlos got a car from his work and drove us around in it all day. Correction, it was a hug bug. Everybody drives those here. It`s pretty funny. We had a lesson with a couple and watched the Restoration with them. Then we invited them to be baptized on the 3 of December and they accepted. Elder Leyva and I are going to have a ton this cambio.
So I am here for another transfer. The only area of our mission not in the city. I don`t mind that though. I heard one day in Mexico City is like smoking a pack of cigarrettes. So nasty. The family of Hermana Lulu was so happy that we are staying. They are like the most giving people I have ever  met. Okay that`s all she wrote for this week. Love to the 775. Haha.
I love you all!
Elder Hubbard
ps. I am going to start sharing my favorite scripture from every week. This week it`s Moses 1:12-13.

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