Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Treasure in the Mail!

When Sam checked the mail yesterday, we had a letter from Tyler's mission president. I thought I would share it with you. It was dated 27 December 2011. Mail takes a little while!!

Dear Hubbard Family;

I have enjoyed working with your son Elder Hubbard. It has been a joy and a blessing to see him progress into an exceptional missionary and trusted representative of the Lord.

Due to his commendable example and this trust, it pleases me to inform you that your son has been selected to become a Missionary Instructor. This calling brings with it many new responsibilities. Your son will be receiving a new companion (Elder Perea). He will show him how to successfully apply the methods learned in the Missionary Training Center in the mission field. He will be a righteous and positive companion that will guide, teach, love and motivate.

I consider the calling of a trainer as the most important in this mission. As does the Lord, I love your son, and have confidence in his ability to fulfill these new responsibilities. I thank you for your love and support for Elder Hubbard.


President Aaron Chavez Carpio
Mexico City South Mission

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