Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 septiembre 2012

Hey family,
¿Què hay?  I can`t believe that another week has already gone by. My life is disappearing before my eyes. I balding, getting fat, haven`t played basketball in about a year, or any other sport for that matter, and I have to stretch out every morning or I can`t walk. Haha. That was all sort of a half joke. But seriously.
This week it was time to have our interviews with President Valadez. He always helps me out a ton and always teaches me something too. Yesterday he asked me if I was ready to take over the zone and have a brand new zone leader as a companion. I told him that if that`s what the Lord wants, then I would be ready no matter what. So Elder Rios and I think that we will have transfers in three weeks. It would be a bummer because Elder Rios has all kinds of swagger and we get along really well. Today we went to the only IHOP that I have ever seen in DF. It was really good. We both bought unlimited pancakes but only at 6 each.  They`re not quite as good as Sam Hubbard`s pancakes, made with love. I have been writing down everything I eat every day in my daily planner and I realized that I eat a ton!! I am going to be making some ajustments in that area.
This week we found 14 new investigators. The area is getting along really well.  My favorite part this week was seeing how the Book of Mormon changed so many people. We have been trying to give them the Book of Mormon in the first appointment. Since it is another testament of Jesus Christ that no other religion uses, it is the thing that helps the most when people try to get closer to God. We gave a copy to a teacher named Julian who works in organic chemistry and has a ton of other talents. I will never forget that when we went back to the second appointment with him, he pulled out his copy of the Book of Mormon. He had taken off the soft cover and put on a hard cover. I opened the book and saw that with a highlighter, he had marked the important parts to him in 1 Nephi and also in the guide in the back. They we some of the same things that I have marked. When he prayed, he asked God to help him find the truth. I was really touched by the love that this man showed for the book that has changed my own life. I know that it contains the words of Christ and that it really can help a man come closer to God than any other book. I know it from experience. Every person should be able to read it.
We had Luz`s baptism this week too. Her family all came and were really happy. The Contreras ward is so strong and is already helping them get back in the groove of going to church. I have seen so many people go back to church in my mission. One inactive family that Elder Bunker and I taught spoke in church on sunday and the dad blessed the sacrament. I was so happy to see it.
The zone is improving a ton too.  In total we found 77 investigators which is good compared to the 25 that we normally find. I really love the missionaries that I work with. This week we had exchanges 2 times. I worked with my old friend from Ajusco Elder Garza and then with Elder Smith from Arizona. We can do exchanges with anybody that we want in the zone and afterwards we also put goals. I am supposed to help them learn but I think that I always learn more. They are really good missionaries.
So there`s just a little bit of my week. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent. I enjoy reading Elder Sotckard`s, Elder Christiansen`s, Elder Faught`s and Elder Adam`s email every week. It gives me something to do on the bus. I was wonder when Elder Johnston is going to get home? According to my calculation, he should be finishing in a couple of weeks. Aaron and Lynze went to Disneyland once again. I think that they should just buy the castle and live there. My new shoes fit like nike`s. Hey, if anybody that you know needs any of the mountain of clothes that I have at home, feel free to give them what they need. I am not using them much right now.
That`s all I have time for this week. I love you all. I got Travis`s letter this week and one from Dalene. Just to let them know.
Elder Hubbard


 Lucìa- 82 years old. Stud. She was baptized a few weeks ago.

 The one and only magnificent Distrito Federal.

Luz`s baptism

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