Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Octubre 2012

This was a great week here in Magdalena Contreras. I`ve been having a pretty hard time thinking in English in these emails.  The only time I ever speak English is if I want to say something funny. English is about ten times funnier. Congratulations to Aaron and Lynze because I am going to have a sobrina!!! I can`t wait.
So this week I had some really good experiences. We weren`t able to spend much time working in our area, we are so busy helping the other missionaries and going to meetings. Today, we sacrificed a bunch of our preparation day to train two districts. So we still have a ton of things to do including washing our clothes by hand and getting to our first appointment at 5.  One of the coolest things that happened was with our friends Julian and his wife Eva. Julian has now read the entire spanish guide to reading the scriptures at the back of the Book of Mormon which is like the topical guide and bible dictionary combined. He read it all and highlighted what he liked. He also read until 1 Nefi 13 and saw the Restoration video, and took notes. I`m pretty sure this guy is going to be a bishop in about a year. Haha.   He`s got the swagger of an escogido. From the notes he took, he decided that he needed to repent and change is life more. Without change, we can`t progress. So he put his own goals of not saying any more swear words and to live the word of wisdom. Might I add that they gave us breakfast, and gifted us some ties. Pretty impressive.  It just shows how much power the Book of Mormon has in helping us repent, change, and make our life a little bit better.  In Mosiah 5:2, it says that we can stop even wanting to sin. I know that that is true and I love when our friends can see it too.
Yesterday, we went to visit one of our friends who we hadn`t seen in a while. She had been reading the Book of Mormon, and said that she prayed and received her answer. She said that she dreamed that two young men came to her house and told her that our message was false. That woke us up a little bit. Haha. I am used to hearing them saying that they received an answer that it is true. We knew that she messed up in the process somewhere and started asking her some questions.  It turns out that she never asked God, but she did ask a santo, San Judas. He is really popular down here.  So that explained everything. We found out that she doesn`t believe that God answers her prayers because she lost two kids. Now we know how to teach her and she committed herself to going to General Conference this weekend.
Speaking of General Conference, I can`t wait. It is when the prophet today and the 12 apostles speak to the whole world. It is the best to be able to let our friends go to see if really they are servants of God or if they are just crazy old men that know how to trick millions of people. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. Invite all of your friends to go listen to him. I know that the Lord will answers your doubts and your fears. He always has and he always will.
I`m not going to lie, I had a lot more to write this week than I had time for.  It feels good to be a missionary.
Love you all,
Elder Hubbs
p.s. If you want to pass me big game Elder Faught`s mail down there in Viña del Mar, I want to write him a little note.

You might think that all I do is eat. Not true.

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