Monday, September 3, 2012

3 septiembre 2012

Hey güeros,
So my time with Elder Bunker has finished up. He will be flying home on Wednesday morning. I am going to miss him. The assistants called us with all of the transfers in the whole zone last night. I am staying here and will now have Elder Rios as my companion. I already know him a little bit because he has been a zone leader for a little while so we see each other every Monday. So we`ll go to the stake center in Taxqueña tomorrow to dump off Elder Bunker and pick up Elder Rios.  It`s about an hour and half or an hour forty five away and we  haven`t found a ride yet so somebody is going to have to come in clutch. There were a lot of transfers in our zone too and I am excited for this month. I love this area here but the only problem is that we never have any money because we have to pay for the buses so much. It`s like 5 dollars every day that we spend just in transportation.
We dominated this last week that Elder Bunker and I were together. We had Rosalìa`s baptismal service and she asked me to baptize her. She was really happy and was smiling a ton. She has made a lot of changes in her life this past month.  A lot of members attended the service too and even brought some tostadas and pastel.
We also had exchanges with the assistants this week. It is one of my favorite parts about being a zone leader because I learn so much from them. I went with Elder Bodine to his area in Coyoacàn. In one square mile, supposedly live 3 million people there in Santo Domingo. That`s nuts!!  Elder Bodine contacts a ton he is really loving. I have been able to work with him ever since I was in Leandro Valle. When I was there I did four baptismal interviews to see if the people they are teaching are ready for baptism. All of them went well and my favorite was with a young man that has cancer. He was really smart and sure of himself. While we were at the church, a lady came by trying to find out what church it was and what we believe in. I was able to give her a tour and we passed the referral along.
I also had exchanges this week with Elder Shirley from Lovelock, Nevada. Haha. I love him, he is really nice. We went to one appointment and nobody was there so we climbed a mountain to the next appointment. Elder Shirley realized that he forgot his backpack down below and we went back to get it. When we did, someday came outside that asked if we were looking for somebody and we contacted her. She accepted immediately and looks like she`s is one of the people that the Lord prepares. I have learned in my mission that things always happen for a reason.
So that`s about all that is happening right now. We are going to have to go to the airport today to figure out how Elder Bunker is going to get home since his visa expired. I am getting really good at washing my clothes by hand now. I already did it this morning.  You can just start calling me Kenmore if you want. I am really hungry too so we are going to go find some food before spending all day in the bus and airport.  Oh, I ate a fig this week. That could have been one of the best fruits that I have ever tried. Happy birthday this week Lynze!!!
Something that President Valadez said to me that I liked a lot was, that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the whole world, but it isn`t important if he isn`t my Saviour. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he lives. He has put his church on the earth once again and he will come again. I know that he suffered our pains and sins and through his stripes we are healed.
Thanks for all that you do for me!! I love you all and miss you a ton.  DF is gearing up for Independance Day on the 16th. Haha. Talk to you next week.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. I`ll send pictures next week because today I wasn`t smarter than the computer and couldn`t send them. Sorry.

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