Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 Octubre 2012

I am one tired kid. Yesterday morning I woke up really sick. It was because the day before an hermana gave us mole to eat. I don`t know if you are familiar with mole but it is probably definitely worth googling. I say probably because I have never done it. But seriously. Some aztec like 200 years ago had the cool idea of throwing whatever ingredient he wanted into a bowl, grinding it up, and putting it on chicken. Some of those ingredients are chocolate, chile, and nuts I think. It`s not sanitary, that`s all I am say. So I got that out of my system yesterday and all is well now. This morning we went to play basketball once again at the church. We were a lot better than we were a week ago. I love having Elder Jones as a companion. He eats corn flehh.
We looked for a lot of menos activos this week and active members of the church too. Some days we had a really hard time finding anybody but we trust in the Lord`s plan, and we won`t be doing anything else.  What I realized as we taught the members of the church is that sometimes people stop coming to church because they don`t have a reason. When people don`t understand what comes after their baptisms, they don`t know why they keep coming every sunday. But there is a ton to do in the church that is call enduring to the end. I like to think of it as progressing til the end. To help us with that, we have missionary work, callings, temple and family history work, classes, and a million other things.  It is important that we do them and understand why we are doing them. No member of the Church of Jesus Christ should be bored at any point of their life because there are some many opportunities to serve.
Our bishop when with us this week to visit Julian and Eva. It was a sweet lesson, especially when the bishop shared Abraham 3:22-23 with Julian and he started bawling like a baby. He understood the premortal life very well.  The bishop also helped us a lot because he was of the same religion as Julian and Eva before and went through some of the same challenges as them. Julian said that we gained a lot of confidence and at church on sunday, he was answering questions left and right in sunday school.  They`re in Veracruz right now and shortly after their return they will be baptized.
This friday Elder Benjamin de Hoyos is going to visit our zone from the quorum of the 70. President Valadez wants everything perfect.  Elder Jones and I have to get everything ready and I am going to have to conduct the zone conference, so pray for me. I would like to say my spanish is perfect, but I am not going to lie, it`s not. It`s got a longgg ways to go.
I love you all and I miss you a ton. Everything sounds like its good at home. Have a good week.
Elder Hubbard


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