Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 Diciembre 2012-Happy Christmas!

Hello once again Hubbard family!
It was really good to talk to you all on Saturday.  I miss you all a tonnn. It was good to meet Jeff and almost to say hi to Oliver. I was glad to hear that everybody was together having fun. I have a great family and I am so grateful to be able to know that it can be a forever family. I love every one of you. I hope that Christmas goes well for you in Fallon, Reno, Boise, and Washington.  Christmas is definitely the best when you are with your family.
We had a few Christmas activities this week. One of them was a ward dinner and a ton of investigators went. They set up about 5 piñatas and I thought that some little kid was going to loose an eye. It was so nuts but really fun to watch. It might be a good Christmas tradition to add in when I get back. Some of them even put fruit into the piñatas instead of candy, but so dad doesn`t freak out, we can just put some gobstoppers in there. Haha. 
Yesterday, we ate two huge meals. One of the was La Comida. La hermana made us tacos al pastor, and tacos de longaniza. It was straight cash. Each taco had like a pound of meat on it. With our ward mission leader we ate pierna and pasta, with an apple salad and tamales. I didn`t really enjoy it as much I could of due to the full stomach. We ended up getting to the house early and we just watched some Christmas movies.
Today we didn`t do much. We have p-day the entire day. I ate some Subway for the first time since the Land Before Time. It reminded me of high school basketball gams. Glory days. I put it on the tab.  My companion talked to his family and I read a lot in the Book of Mormon.
We lost Cristina this week. She is going to move to another state along with her daughter, Lupita who asked the million dollar question this week, "Què tengo que hacer para bautizarme?" It is always a bummer when they just escape to another area.
I opened up my presents that you sent me today and I really like all of it! Thanks a ton. Thanks for the sweatshirts, the usb, the twistables, the dry fits, and the good candy. I was thinking of all of the things that I have to be thankful for and there are a ton. I am greatful for my mission, my family, and my Savior.
Okay, I want to ask a favor to mom, or Bree, or Shayla, or the three of them. I want a calender for 2013 with pictures of the family on it. Could anyone hook a Hubbs up? Gracias.
Merry Christmas! Be safe traveling and Prospèro Año! I love you!
Elder Hubbard

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