Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 Enero 2013

Happy 2013!!!
I can not believe it, but that was the end of the year. Blows my mind. It is already the sixth week of the transfer also, so there will be some changes next week in the zone. My companion is about 100 percent sure that we will have transfers, but I really doubt it. I`ll be writing on Monday.
It felt so good to go back to work on Wednesday. I feel like sometimes I am doing everything but focusing on working in our own area.  But I love it when we have a whole day just to find, teach, and work.  On Thursday, a new American worked with me in my area. He is completely lost in regards to spanish. I taught every lesson by myself. We also found a less active family and gave them blessings. The dad, who`s not a member can`t work because of his knees, can`t hear, and can`t read. That`s why I offered him a priesthood blessing, because I figured that it would be the only thing that could touch his heart.  I love the priesthood.
On Friday in our weekly planning session, I got sick of not carrying out very well La Obra de Salvaciòn. So I decided to buy a binder, and make something just for our ward to track it`s progress. We put a ward directory there, we finally got a list of less actives to visit and put them there, and there will be much more. I am so pumped to do things right and break all of the false traditions of members not doing missionary work. It`s gametime.
I have been meeting a lot more members and less actives. There are some really cool people here and I feel a lot of love for them. We found out this week that Cristina isn`t going to move, so we can teach Lupita and she will be baptized soon.  Raciel, a twenty year old made the top ten plays of the week also. He`s just an athlete when it comes to studying his pamphlets and filling them out. He explained the Restoration to us better than some missionaries can. We`re pulling for this saturday for his baptism.
New Years in Mexico is nuts. Laying in my bed last night, I felt like I was inside of a popcorn maker in Fallon theaters with all of the explosions going of outside. The amount of fireworks they use here puts Gandalf to shame. Seriously, if you are old enough to hold your own binky, then you are old enough to light fireworks in Mexico. I even saw a dad give his cigarette to his daughter so that she could light one. Que onda!! There are also other traditions like eating 12 grapes in 12 seconds at midnight. I was sound asleep so we`ll have to try that next year. We ate dinner with a sick family, named Jorge and Noemi. They gave us some kind of stuffed chicken that was really good.
So I feel like I haven`t written much of what I wanted to but time`s up. I am really happy now and I am glad that I still have 6 months left to be a missionary. There are a lot of things I still need to learn and improve.
As for your new years resolutions, just decide to repent every day and they become a joke. The Gospel is of constant change, not only once a year. I love you all! I hope you had a great new years and watched a ton of football.
Elder Hubbard

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