Monday, January 7, 2013

7 Enero 2013

Hey family!!!
So the transfer has ended, and Elder Herrera and I aren`t going anywhere. We have one different district leader that will be in our zone, and a lot of other transfers happened in the zone too. It will be nice to see some new faces in the zone and get some new help. I am officially the missionary with the most time as a zone leader. That makes me feel old.  I am really excited to be staying with Elder Herrera this transfer because things are really picking up in our area. It`s all about La Obra de la Salvaciòn.
We really started looking for the families on our list of less-actives this week and as usual, we saw some miracles.  We found two families that only have one member in them and have a ton of potential. We also got the bishop`s sister to go back to church after a ton of years being inactive.
On Saturday, we placed 4 baptismal dates. This week we are going to have Raciel`s baptism. He is a 19 year old married spiritual stud. He studies every little thing that we give him. He came to church on Sunday after working a 24 hour shift. He was tired but the elder quorum`s president gave him a testimony so powerful that it made his anscestors dizzy. Seriously. I love it when members give their testimonies to our friends. We are also teaching Raciel`s brother who will be baptized in the near future. Xalpa is starting to explode! Our agenda is fuller than the Mexico City subway. We don`t have time for anything. Even today on p-day we have way to much to do. I miss those days that I did things like go to pyramids and turibus and p-days. Oh well.
I went to Coyoacàn this week on exchanges with Elder Mata, one of the AP`s. It was a ton of fun.  It was like the 4th time that I have been to his area and I really like it a lot.  I learned a lot from him and enjoyed getting out of my zone for a little bit. 
The major problem of the week is bed bugs!!! They`re horrible! I thought that the phrase "Don`t let the bed bugs bite!" was just a cute thing to say before you go to sleep, but is has taken on a whole meaning. You really don`t want the bed bugs to bite. It is itchy, gross, and I am desperate. Haha. I have little bites all over my body.  We have been washing all of our bedding, clothes, and sheets. I hope that we can kick them out. 
On a good note, I am the proud owner of some new shoes! They are very comfortable and will get me through to the end of the mission.
I am very happy to be serving my mission right now. There are always ups and downs, but I always love trying to be better. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever and that He has placed His church on the earth today. He payed the price for each of our sins and helps us overcome them. I love Him.
I feel like my emails get shorter and shorter. The weeks go faster and faster.  I love hearing how you are doing. I`m glad that you had a good vacation. Have a good week! I love you.
Elder Hubbard

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