Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 Enero 2013

Hello my friends! (I hear that everyday but with a thick Mexican accent)
¿Que tranza? 
Thanks for all of your letters. It sounds likes it’s cold at
home. I kind of forgot that it`s winter. Here it feels like spring all year
long, except for a few months when it is pretty hot.
This week was a lot of fun. We found 12 new investigators and some of them
are already on a roll. That is good because I feel like we’ve been
struggling in this area a little bit with bautismos.
So last week I told you that I had bed bugs. False. I never found them but
I had bug bites all over my body. I was itching more than that mangy dog
that I sent you a picture of. Haha. I had it all over my hands, arms,
stomach, legs, and thunder thighs. Not a pretty picture. On Wednesday night
I tapped out and called la Hermana Valadez. She told me to go to the doctor
the next day. He said that I probably had a flea or a tick land on me from
a dog or a dirty house. He gave me some pills and some lotion. The bug
bites last for a while too! I still have them. But their getting better.
Who gets fleas? I promise that I take a shower every day.
So what else? Oh last week we found somebody named Gloria and her son
Arturo. My companion just sneezed on me. Anyways, Gloria went to church
this week. She loved every minute of it and is already applying what she
learned there. Yesterday she told us that she normally works on Sundays,
but if her boss doesn`t let her rest, she`s just going to quit. Haha. I
love that attitude. Out of nowhere she told us that she smoked a ton, but
on Friday and Saturday she only smoked once, on Sunday she smoked half of a
cigarette, and yesterday she didn`t smoke at all. We didn`t even teach her
the Word of Wisdom! It`s so cool to see the Spirit start to do work in
somebody and help them get better in every aspect of their lives.  We are
going to try to meet her husband this week.
We had 41 members in church on Sunday. That might be just a little less
that go to a WNBA basketball game. The members here need a lot of help, but
there are some really strong ones too. It would be a tough place to grow up
I think.
On Friday I had a Zone Leader Meeting with President Valadez. It was so
sweet. One of the things that he told us that we should focus on is having
church tours during the week so that people feel the Spirit, and have the
desire to go on Sunday. So we were looking for somebody on Friday night,
when my comp contacted a lady outside of her house. We explained a little
bit of our message and she asked if we wanted to come in. Claro que si! Her
son and daughter were also there. We sat down and then out of nowhere, the
mom, Mariana, asked us why there are so many churches, and which one is
right. Money. We watched the Restoration with her and they all loved it.
Then we invited them to come to the church on Saturday for a tour. The
whole family came, including her husband, and really felt the Spirit. They
just kept saying how pretty it was. It is definitely the Lord`s Kindgom on
earth. I love going to church, and I know that it is there that we can
learn how to be an eternal family.
It was a good week. Time is just hauling by. I am just trying to accomplish
my baptismal goal and learn what I need to. Thanks for your good letters
and I am glad that all is well at home.
I love you! Keep the faith.
Elder Hubbard

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