Monday, January 21, 2013

21 Enero 2013

Hey family!!!
How`s everything going? I`m sorry that I have to write today and not tomorrow. It`s because tomorrow we are going to have a zone conference from 9 in the morning until 3 so we have our preparation day today. I`m glad to here that Lucy Mae is doing well and I pray for her every day. I am so excited to see pictures when she is born. 
I had a solid week here in Xalpa. The bad part is I am having a hard time remembering it. I normally bring my journal with me to help me remember what went down but today all I got is my daily missionary planner to help me out.
So I`ll just give you the highlights. This week we started teaching a less active family named la familia Lopez. The dad hadn`t gone in a couple of years because he was baptized in the US and didn`t feel the love here in Xalpa. His wife, Antonia, isn`t a member of the church but she already knows a lot of what we teach. She is awesome. They also have some kids. So I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and I see the door open up. As a missionary, when the door opens up you just start creeping automatically because you want anybody to come and join the fun.  I saw that the Lopez family was coming in with huge smiles on their faces. It was seriously the happiest moment of my entire week to see them walk in once again. That`s why I love the Obra de la Salvaciòn.
Things were looking up and we thought that we were going to have two baptisms this Saturday but it doesn`t really look like we will be having them. But I`m still out there fighting to reach my goals.  A lady told me this week that a church had invited her to go swimming and she went. She was just doing her thing in the pool when all of the sudden the leader of the church came in out of nowhere and dunked her into the water. When she came out coughing, she was informed that she had been baptized. Haha. I know that baptisms take more work than that.  We had a movie night in our ward this week and we gave a lot couple of church tours that helped us out quite a bit.
One thing that I learned this week is that blessings don`t just randomly pour down out of heaven in a salt shaker. We recieve blessings because we earned them. As I try to obey God`s will, I can`t do it perfectly but there are some things that I can do perfectly. As a missionary I can obey a ton of rules perfectly and it all depends on me. As members of the church we can control that too. We can be perfect for example in paying our tithing, or having our Family Home Evenings every Monday night. If we do things perfectly more and more we can develop a personal relation with Jesus Christ because we will live like him and understand him. That is the true blessing of obedience.
Thanks for the emails! I am so happy that I have such a good family and friends. Keep up the good work. I love you all.
Elder Hubbard

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