Monday, January 28, 2013

28 enero 2013

What`s going on familia? It was kind of suspenseful to read the letters
that you sent me this week. I am glad that Lynze and Lucy are okay and back
home. When`s her due date? I`m glad that mom and dad could go to vegas and
take care of her. And I am super pumped to know where Travis is going on
his mission! 2 years ago yesterday I sent my mission papers in. I actually
might get to see him before I get back!
As for me, this week I barely left the house. I think we worked about a day
and a half in our area. My companion has been sick with body aches,
coughing, sore throat, and all of that good stuff. I am just trying to stay
healthy too. So I studied a ton, played FIFA (not), wrote letters, and
cleaned the house.
We went to the MTC which is at the temple too. I love to see the temple!
But I would of liked to go in. We just went to the doctor`s office and ate
in the MTC cafeteria. It was really good food. I had a sweet experience in
the metro as we came back. I was talking to Heavenly Father and told him
that there I was in middle of all of His children and that I was willing to
help someone if He told me who. I looked around at everybody and I saw I
guy in the very back corner and somehow knew that it was him. We started
talking to him and taught him the Restoration right then and there. As we
got off, he told us that he had been praying ever since he got on the metro
to be able to know what he should do with his life. He accepted a
missionary visit and I learned that God answers the prayers of others by
answering our prayers.
I finished the Book of Mormon for my 3rd time in Spanish and this time I
did it in 85 days because that`s how long it took for Joseph Smith to
translate it. He definitely was an athlete.  This time I`m reading the Book
of Mormon to be able to learn how God works with me and my relationship
with him. One thing that I have learned is that maybe we don`t understand a
commandment, but if we know Heavenly Father well, we will always want to
obey him.
We also had a cool zone conference this week. All I had to do was conduct
and help out with some practices. Almost all of my zone is sick and
Presidente Valadez is worried for us. He asked if we could all kneel down
so he could say a prayer. We weren`t going to tell him no, so we all knelt
down and he offered one of the most powerful prayers that I have ever
heard. I felt so much love. He is a great man.  La hermana Valadez made us
some tacos afterwards!
I am writing today because we are going to go spend the night in the
Assistant`s house tonight and go with them to the MTC and the temple
tomorrow. There is going to be a conference with a lot of different
missionaries from all six missions in DF. I am pumped and I am hoping that
an apostle or 70 shows up. That would be clutch.
Yes mom, we only have one ward that we meet with here.  The rest of Sundays
we eat, prepare a training for the District Leaders, and from 5 to seven we
have that meeting with them.   Lot`s of meetings.  And you should
definitely invite the missionaries from Xalpa over for dinner one night.
I love you all a ton! Be happy and healthy! Thanks for your letters and
your prayers. Share the Gospel!
Elder Hubbard
Viva la Hubba

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