Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 agosto 2012

Querida familia,
¿Cómo estaís vosotros? So just to remind you, I will be writing on the first monday of september instead of tuesday because of transfers. I don´t want to have to call an audible like I did the last time. I was Payton Manning back there.  This week was sweet. Especially right now because I am taking pills to flush all of the parasites out of me. I don´t want to go home with friends in my stomach like my friend Chavo. Haha. Probably still has those. But he deserves it because he didn´t right me today. Slacker.
When I said that this week was sweet, I meant it. Straight up miracles going on.  We taught a ton of lessons last week and they were all with people that are really interested and prepared to recieve the gospel. Rosalía has completely stopped smoking and should have her baptism this saturday. There is also another kid who is like 11 years old that is going to be baptized on sunday named Diego. He is not that same Diego that is the friend of Dora the Explorer known as Go Diego Go.  All of his family are members of the Church, but they hadn´t gone for a while. Meaning a few years. But they are now active again and Elder Bunker and his last companion taught him everything. So Elder Hubbard just has to smile and show up to the baptism enjoying the fruits of other people. Also, Ivan who we have been teaching is going to be baptized this thursday. It should be a pretty fun week.  Oh, and Tanía prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church to know if they are everything that we say they are. She said that the first time she prayed and asked Heavenly Father if it was true, that she felt the coolest, most peaceful feeling that she has ever had in her life. She thought she was going crazy or something so she decided to ask again. The same thing happened. Heavenly Father answered her prayer and now she knows that the true church of Jesus Christ has  been restored once again to the earth and today we have a prophet and apostles.  It is something that nobody will ever be able to take away for her. I was so excited to hear that she recieved her answer. I wish everybody could do the same, including members of the church. Everybody as the right to know the truth through prayer.
Elder Bunker and I had to teach another Zone Conference this week. We talked about contacting and verifying with the members about the homework that we have given them.  President Valadez only came for a few minutes to talk but told us that he could feel the Spirit when he walked in the room. I thought it went really well too, but it could always be better. We spent most of the time doing practices. After the zone conference I went to Topilejo to work for the day. It reminded me a lot of when the hobbits all return to the Shire. It was nice but at the same time totally different. The best part was seeing Juana who is super strong in the church now. Some of her children and grandchildren are going to be baptized soon too. 
So that´s all I have time for this week!! I am feeling really good. I´m happy. I have a testimony. I am trying to be better. Life´s good.  Thanks for all of your letters. I think about you a lot, some more than others. Haha. Just kidding. Have a great week!! I love you.
Elder Hubbard
p.s. Chavo came in clutch and redeemed himself.

 la Hermana Juana that I found in Topilejo and taught. She is now a member and many of her family members are about to be baptized too.

 los dinamos with Elder Paxman y Elder Sanabria

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