Monday, November 26, 2012

26 Noviembre 2012 - Cambios!!

Hey Hubbards!!!
So my time is up in Contreras and with Elder Jones. We had a good six weeks together and we could say that Contreras is officially our stomping grounds. Haha.  The APs told us yesterday that I will being going to an area named Xalpa. Pronounced with H like Hahlpa. It´s right in the middle of the city in la delegación Iztapalapa.  It´s gonna be sweet! I am going to a the senior zone leader with Elder Herrera. I already know him a little bit but not too much. So today I have been packing my bags and tomorrow I will be heading out. I am really excited for new challenges and new places.  I didn´t sleep very well last night because I was thinking about it so much. My zone´s name is Paraíso.
This week was a lot of fun. Elder Jones and I decided on Thanksgiving that we wanted to make the box of brownies that I had in my suitcase. The bad part here is that almost nobody uses ovens to cook. If they have an oven, they usually use it as storage. Haha. So we decided to experiment and we ending up cooking them in the microwave. I was shocked to find out that it actually worked and we enjoyed every bite. I forgot how much I love brownies. For Thanksgiving we ate an investigator´s house, Yolanda. She gave us one of my favorites, pozolé and tostadas with creme. I want to learn how to make it. She invited her daughter and her husband to and we taught them for the first time. We shared the last verse of the BM and explained them what our purpose is as a missionary. Jorge, the husband, said, "Oh, so your purpose is to help the judgement bar be pleasing for me." I thought he understood it pretty well.  Yolanda has chosen her baptismal date to be on December 8. She has gone to church a ton of times and there is nothing stopping her from being baptized.
On Friday, we took a suprise trip to Topilejo and got there at about 8:20 am and found some pretty shocked missionaries. Haha. We had to talk to them about being more obedient and focused in the work. They are really good elders with some personal challenges. I think that we were able to help them more. Topilejo is still the same and everybody was excited to see me.
So working with the less actives, we have found a lot of new good investigators. It is always interesting to hear their reason for not going to church. This week I heard a new one, "They changed the cover of the Book of Mormon." Por favor!!  We go to church to be forgiven of our sins and to follow and remember our Savior, not because of the color of the BM, or because our family are members, or for any other reason!! I wish I could get people to understand that. It´s frustrating.
It´s always weird to leave an area behind, knowing that I will probably never come back here. But the work of the Lord will roll on. Nothing can stop it. I love you all!! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. You all sound crazy with all of the guns you are shooting. Remember that we don´t point potatoe guns at people´s faces. Haha.
Elder Hubbard

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