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19 Junio 2012- Weddings? I love weddings...

Hey familyyy!!!
So sorry it took me so long to be able to write you. My p-days will now be every Tuesday instead of Monday.  I hope you weren´t worrying too much. I can´t believe Shayla and Jeff are getting married today! I am really happy for them. I hope it will be the best day of their life.  And Happy Father´s day to my dad! Father Sam. It doesn´t get much better.
This week was insane! We had transfers Tuesday morning. We left from the stake center and it took about two hours to get to my area.   We went up in a hippy van with no seats. Haha. My companion is Elder Bunker. He is from Rockton, Illinois which is pretty much Chicago. He will finish his mission in September so he has been on the mission for a while. He is really calm and speaks good spanish. So far I have loved being his companion. We get along really well and have seen a ton of miracles this week. Being a zone leader is a lot different than being a normal missionary. We definitely spend a lot more time making phone calls and on bus rides.  With all of our other responsibilities, it´s pretty hard to focus on our own area.
So I am in a ward called Contreras. It is city, and a little bit of little pueblos. If you want to see part of it look up the Magdalena Contreras, or San Nicolas, La Cruz, and El Gavillero. The area is huge and it is mountainy.  The people give us a lot of the fruit that grows in their yards- pears, mangos, ciruelas, peaches. They are sooo tasty. It has rained almost every day since I have gotten here and I am no longer dying from the heat. I really love this area.  I still don´t know the investigators and the members very well but the ones that I have met are really good.
There is a huge bike path that goes through our area. A ton of people are always walking on it, with the ocassional car or motorcycle that can´t follow the rules. Anyways, this week Elder Bunker and I have studied a lot about vision. In this scriptures it always talks about it. Before we do something, we have to have a vision of it or we will never accomplish anything. I am also making the vision of my life along with the plans, goals, and tasks to complete them. Anyways, we applied what we learned this week. At night during our planning session, three times we tried to imagine a person that we would find the next day that would be prepared for the gospel. We shut are eyes every time and tried to see the person. Then we agreed on how the would be and wrote down the time we would find them in our agends and where(the bike path). All three times we found the person and set up and appointment with them. Yesterday it was a lady with purple pants and slightly over weight. When we saw her walking we immediately recongnized her and she accepted.
So Elder Bunker and I have to direct a Zone Council every Sunday night. There are about 180 missionaries in the mission and 10 zone leaders. So sunday nights, we look at the results with the district leaders. My job is to help them to be able to help their missionaries. So we talked about having a vision of the future and also of the present. Because we can´t get better unless we really know our weaknesses.  Anyways, I though it went pretty well. We also have to go to the mission offices every monday to report to on of the Assistents. I have to report to Elder Bodine who used to be my zone leader. I look up to him a lot and he always teaches me something. Monday nights we go to one of the district meetings in the zone to see how the district leader is doing. This time we went to San Pedro, where I used to go when I was in Topilejo on p-days. It was good to see it once again.
This week I have learned so many things, I am not even going to try to tell you everything. I am definitely a better missionary now than I was a week ago. Somebody told me that serving 1 year in a mission equals 25 years in serving in other church callings. I have felt like I have definitely matured a ton in this year on my mission.  And by maturing a little bit, I have seen how much I still have left to be able to be a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a never ending task, and I will never reach anywhere close to perfection in this life. But I can´t definitely try.
So I hope everybody enjoys the wedding today. It makes me happy to know that my sister will be married in the temple for time and all eternity and be on the track that leads to exaltation.  It´s a tough one. I hope mom and dad don´t cry too much, unless they are tears of joy. I guess I´m the only single Hubbard left! Haha.  I love you all! Eat a ton of cake! Give Shayla a big fat kiss on the cheek from me!
Elder Hubbard

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