Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June 2012 T-t-t-t-trrrransfers!!!!

¿Qué dicen?! It´s been a great week and it was so good to hear from all of you once again.  Last nast we found out the transfers because once again 6 weeks have past. They could be the most anticipated part of the mission, full of drama, disappointment, anger, relief, and wonder. Haha. Not really. But I´m outta here. I have been called to serve as a zone leader in Contreras with an American named Elder Bunker. That was the zone I was in when I was in my first area and I remember going to Contreras to times with Elder Vial. I honestly can´t wait. It´s on the west side of the city, up in the hills. I know Elder Bunker and we will definitely be a good companion. I am also a little nervous to be a zone leader since I will be in charge of like 30 missionaries now. But we´ll just do work.
This week I was able to go to Granjas with my good old friend Elder Leyva.  We have both gotten to be a lot better missionaries than we were before in every part. One of the things that we focused on was the Book of Mormon. We used it in contacting, in teaching and everything. The Book of Mormon is the key to everything. If it´s true, everything is true. That´s why it´s important for everyone of you to read the Book of Mormon every single day and ask Heavenly Father if it´s true. It doesn´t matter how many times that we have asked Him before, He is always willing to confirm it to us once again.  If you want to know anything about this Church, start with the Book of Mormon. I know it´s true.  Elder Leyva is still a really good teacher, and just like old times, we got drenched by the rain. I was standing on the curbed and a car came out of nowhere and sprayed me. I just laughed.
I also went to an area called Iztacalco with our zone leaders for interchanges. I went with Elder Mata from Ciudad Juarez. Kid´s such a gamer. Such a stud. We contacted pretty much non stop. In one of those contacts some guy told us that he has exactly 17 translations of the Bible. Pretty impressive. We told him that we know that the Bible is true but that the Book of Mormon was only translated once. I had the book in my hand and after hearing our contact and giving us his direction, he literally took the book out of my hand and walked off. Robbed. Haha. That was a first.
Yesterday was the best day of the week. Fernanda, a 15 year old girl that we have been teaching for a few months and Arturo, a 50 year old weight trainer, were able to be baptized. Most of Fernanda´s family are members of the church and her uncle is the stake president. She never wanted anything to do the the LDS Church and liked to go to the church that her mom goes to. We were able to help her see the truth and simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an awesome baptism there with all of her family supporting her. Her brother, Joel, baptized her. He is about to go to Oaxaca, Mexico on a mission. Arturo has came to church for a long time with his wife who has been a member for all of her life. He finally made the decision to carry on and now they are on track to having an eternal family.  It was a great blessing to see this right before leaving Leandro Valle and Agricola Oriental.
So that´s how my week was. I am really enjoying my mission right now and still trying to be better every day. That part will never end. I now understand that missionary work only works if the members to their part. They should live their lives as an example of the believers and talk to their loved ones about the Plan of Happiness that only a few people in the world are blessed to know. The missionaries should only have to teach them. The members live with their family and friends for a life time while the missionaries are there for a few months. I invite you all to share this message with the people that you love most and remember that it´s getting late.
Elder Hubbard

 Baptism of Fernanda

Baptism of Arturo. He is big.

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