Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26 marzo 2013

We had some really huge blessings this week in our area. We contacted a referral that we received from another ward and it was straight cash, homey. We made an appointment and went to visit them on Thursday. We met Laura and her daughter, 15 year old daughter, Michel. There are few times that I have met people on my mission like them. Laura is a widow and only has Michel to look after. She works in house keeping and goes to a member's house once a week to clean. It was the first time that she has known anything about the church. In our first appointment, we got to know them and they accepted a baptismal date right off the bat. They even like the Beatles and are looking for any opportunity they can find to give us something to eat.  We taught them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Sunday they went to church, and we taught them yesterday with the young women's president there with us.  They both have said in these exact words that "the Holy Ghost has manifested himself"and they know that our message is true.  So the baptismal program will be on April 13. The key was that a member did missionary work and we are reaping the blessings.  So if you haven't done missionary work yet today, find a way to do it before the day is over.
Our friend, Lourdes, also received her answer that the Book of Mormon is true this week. About a year ago her mom died, and Lourdes has been really sad about that. She was reading the BM and asked if it was true. Nothing happened. So she went to bed and she dreamed a dream. She said that she got to her apartment and found her mom there. Sitting next to her was a missionary that I had brought with me that day, and he was showing the BM to her mom. Her mom was smiling and very happy. Was that an answer from God? Do woodchucks chuck wood? Pues, sí!!!
The only bad thing is right now it is la Semana Santa. People here in Iztapalapa are going to be carrying crosses up hills and reenact the crucifiction. Plus, almost all of our investigators have left on vacation.  So we'll see what happens this week.
Love you!!
Elder Hubbard

Tyler made tortillas!

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