Monday, March 18, 2013

18 marzo 2013

Suprise! I'm writing on Monday today! The transfer ended yesterday. Mom said that the elders went over to their house to print their transfers off. That would be really nice. The APs just tell us the transfers via cell phone. The monoply cell phone company Telcel here in Mexico doesn't really rep but that's alright. So we took the transfers of the whole zone and then called the district leaders to let them know. Thankfully, Elder Lee and I will be staying together for another transfer! He's a good friend so I'm happy.  I can't believe that I only have two transfers left. It doesn't feel like it at all.
The missionary work in Churubusco should be at full steam in April. That's when we have planned to baptize all of these people that we are teaching. The Ramirez Flores family is still progressing a ton. Only the mom went to church yesterday because her husband couldn't. She stayed for all three hours and is loving the family history class.  We stopped by their house everyday this week to at least say hi to them and keep their minds on the Gospel. They still haven't accepted a baptismal date. That is the plan for this week.
We also found another family this week as a result of some service that we did in the street when I first got here. It is the Capistran family, who, as all families, has a ton of problems but who are also humbling themselves.  There is the gramma, who just got divorced after 46 years of a happy marriage, the mom, the dad, and they have two teenage girls. As we left the first lesson, the bishop said that they will for sure be baptized and we talked about them in Ward Council on Sunday.  We have a cita with them later today and with be taking the Relief Society President along with her husband who is in the stake presidency. It's an all out blitz.
So things are looking up. We should be able to destroy our baptismal goal in Abril. It's three.
To answer some of mom's questions, the diference between a zone leader and a district leader is that the normal missionaries report to the district leaders, the district leaders report to the zone leaders, and the zone leaders report the the APs.  It's just so the mission stays organized. Every Sunday the district leaders all meet us in the stake center and we go over their key indicators and see what their districts have been up too.  Every Monday we go to the offices to report to the APs and to bring materials back to the zone. Nothing too exciting.
I love every one of you! I love Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Nothing is more important than living the Gospel that they have always given the to the prophets. I know that the Gospel is on the earth today and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the kingdom of God.
Elder Hubbard

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