Monday, May 28, 2012

28 May 2012

This has definitely been an enjoyable week. I went and got the birthday package that you sent me today in the morning. I loved all of it! Thanks for the tie, the twistables, the shirt, and the journal. I am going to make the cake next monday with the relief society president. I love confetti cake. Doesn´t exist here.  So Elder Ferrin in my district finished his mission this week and went home today.  I have never seen a missionary so sad to being going home. He was a great example to me. But the good news is that Elder Leyva had special changes and is now in my district! Haha. I am pumped. It is going to be good to be able to see him again. 
I got sick on Wednesday and woke up with a fever. I felt so week all day. Since then I have been sick in just about every way possible. But we just kept working and popped a few pills. Today I feel way better and I will be ready to go for the week tomorrow.  It is funny when I get sick here because all of the members tell me how I look so sick and every one tries to diagnose me and give me pills. Haha. They worry a lot. I think I may need to take a pill to flush my system out.
We contacted the poorest, most humble street in our whole area on Tuesday. We knocked every door. Not one of them rejected us. We just went from one to another for like an hour and a half. We have already started teaching a few of them and they seem like they will be really good.  It felt like I was in Topilejo again.
The lesson that I liked the most this week was with Clara. We found her when I was still with Elder Gutierrez. She has had a baptismal date for June 2nd for a while now and we are still planning to have it. We taught her this week really in depth about priesthood authority. I know that the true Church has to have authority given to them of Jesus Christ to act in His name for the salvation of God´s children. This authority is greater than any king or president can possess. This authority was given to the Apostles, lost in the Great Apostasy, and then restored through Joseph Smith. That is what makes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints the only true and living church upon the face of the earth.  Clara understood the lesson and at the end teared up a bunch. I really want to see her recieve her answer and have a testimony.
Yesterday an investigator came out of nowhere and showed up to church. She contacted us to start off with. As soon as she showed up, the members finally did their job and sat down next to her and started talking to her. Afterwards she said that she loved it, and asked where she could get a copy of the Book of Mormon.  I have never had an investigator that does things by herself so much. I can´t wait to teach her this week.
Alejandro and Marcela are still going strong. Every week they are there on time even though the other members show up half an hour late. Alejandro got the Priesthood and is now a teacher.
This week I have been studying a lot about the Liahona that only talked about the Book of Mormon.   Elder Bednar talked about holding continually fast to the rod of iron. This means that we have to read it and study it every single day without fail. I know for myself that there is great power to resist our weaknesses and there is great knowledge in the pages of the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true and that Joseph Smith was the prophet that translated it. I know that if we read it every day we will never stray for the straight and narrow path.  I know that life is hard and it is a struggle. But if we get through all of our useless cares and do what really matters, we will earn our great reward.
Have a good week in Rexburg, Reno, Fallon, and Las Vegas.
Love you like a love song,
Elder Hubbard

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