Monday, May 21, 2012

21 Mayo 2012

Well, this week has been really good. We were able to work hard and find a lot of new people to teach.  I got a letter from Elder Stockard in Tampico and it sounds like he is seeing some of the things that I have gotten used to for the last 9 months. Haha. Do you know what ward he is in? My companion is from Ciudad Madero where the mission offices are. 
We had our last zone conferance with President Chávez today. It was really good. He taught us in section 121 of the Doctrine and Covenants and the difference in being called and being chosen.  Just remember that it is it always better to be chosen.  He taught us the real organization of the church and how it should work. He said that we probably wouldn´t be able to change it here on our mission but after the mission we will be able to apply it to our callings.  He told us that the Lord has brought us on a mission so we can learn to build the kingdom of God on the earth.  We learned some sick thinks in Moroni 6 too. I loved it. He talked about the persecutions that are going to come and how only the strong will be able to survive in the church. But the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints will fill the world in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  It is such a big work.
Yesterday Marcela and Alejandro were confirmed members of the church. They are really excited and already paying tithing and going to all of the activities. I hope the members will fellowship them now so they don´t go inactive. It is really sad when that happens. The members of the Church in the whole world really need to take more of a part in missionary work. It is so much more effective with them.  They should start by converting theirselves and getting their own testimony. If you don´t, you´ll lose that battle. You´ll lose that battle 9 times out of ten.
My birthday was really good. We contacted a ton of people and like 12 accepted. It was a good change. A sister gave us pizza al pastor for La Comida which is always a good choice. And Clara, one of our investigators, gave me some birthday cake that night. It was called 3 leches. Definitely one of my favorites here in Gangster´s Paradise.  They sang me a ton of songs and tried to smash my face into the cake.
I did a baptismal interview this week for a guy in another ward. It was the first time that I did one that didn´t pass. I was glad to see that I could do my job in making sure that he was ready for baptism. I know that he will acomplish his goal soon but he needed to wait and get a stronger testimony first.
Things are going really well here in the area.  We found a huge family like a week ago and we were able to give one of the members a blessing this week. He said that he didn´t have faith at all which was a sad thing but he still wanted a blessing. His mom was there and she liked it a lot. I think we are going to be able to progress with them.
So today we went to the Ripley´s Believe it or not Musuem. It was way fun. There are some weird things there but it is super cool. I took a few pictures to send to you too. We went with Elder Call. Tomorrow he is going to recieve a new missionary to train. Stud. He is from Thousand Oaks California. Happy Birthday this week Mark!!! I mean Dr. Hubbard. Sorry.  I love you all and miss you a ton.
Scripture of the week: For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored. Alma 41
Elder Hubbard

 Ripley´s Believe it or Not Museum


 Zone Conference

 Ripley´s Believe It or Not Museum

Birthday cake with the Relief Society president

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