Monday, March 19, 2012

19 Marzo 2012

¿Qué dicen?
This week was about a million times better and more productive than last week. I figured out how to plan the days out a little better with a color coding system in my agenda.  I looked in future investigators, old investigators, and current investigators and we started teaching 12 more people this week.
We had interchanges three times this week. On Wednesday Elder Bodine, who was here in this area right before I came, came to help show me the area and where people live. It helped me out a ton.  I learned a ton too. We practiced being really direct in the contacts and in teaching.  Contacting has become one of my favorite things to do. You never know what you are going to run into in the street or knocking doors.
I also went to an area named Granjas this week with Elder Ferrin in my district. He lived most of his life in Elko.  We had some good lessons together. One of them was with a 13 year old girl. Her mom was telling us how bad she was and how she wouldn´t listen to anybody and asked if we would teach her. She came into the room and really didn´t want to talk and just wanted to go eat. We starting asking about her life and what she likes and found out that she likes art and helping people because it makes her feel good. She obviously couldn´t be that bad. We made an example of the art and taught a whole lesson about the plan of salvation with it. She really liked it and had a completely different attitude afterwards.  It was really cool to see. Sometimes parents just need to explain to their kids why they can´t do something or why they should.
On Saturday Elder Garcia from Colima, Mexico came with me to LV. We were teaching a family that we started teaching last week. The parents are Fabiola and Rodrigo. We were teaching them about eternal families when Fabiola´s mom walked in. She sat down quickly and joined in the lesson which is weird of anybody in Mexico to do. Haha. After we asked if they had some questions for us she said that she did. She wanted to us to explain what it means to be an Elder and she wanted us to explain the Libro de Mormon to Fabiola. Not the normal questions. We found out that she had been talkin to the missionaries in another state and that she and her boyfriend were going to get married and baptized in October. Some things happened and she moved to DF without being baptized. She testified that the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is too. She said she had been talking about going to the temple so she could find the missionaries again when she found us sitting in the living room of her daughter. She is really excited and knows that God loves her and knows what she needs. I do too.
So tomorrow, Elder Gutierrez is going to leave the area and I will get a new companion. I don´t really know who it will be yet but I will let you know next week. Good news from Topilejo is that Esmeralda got baptized yesterday! I wish I could have been there.
I love you all a ton. No sean fritos y echele ganas.
Elder Hubbard and Elder Gutierrez

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