Monday, March 12, 2012

12 Marzo 2012

Leandro Valle. Not Topilejo but still gangster´s paradise. Haha. This week was one of the harder ones of the mission. It was easy starting in Topilejo because I didn´t have any responsibilities, just work. Now I am the one who has to plan everything plus worry about two other areas. It´s a little bit more work.  I spent a ton of time planning and looking through the area book for people to go visit this week.  My area is really easy to learn, it is just a square and really organized.  It felt weird on the legs to not be climbing hills the whole week.  I have felt a little lost and unsatisfied but I know it will get better fast. The people seem a lot different here too. In Topilejo a ton of people accepted us when we contacted them in the street but here this week we got rejected a ton. There are not as many catholics but we did teach a Jewish lady this week.  That was interesting. Praying in hebrew always cool. Ha.
In my district I have Elder Herpel who was in the MTC with me. We had interchanges together this week. We got called all sorts of funny names. I had to do a baptismal interview that day too. It was my first one as a district leader. The guy was like 50 years old and has had a pretty rough life. I really liked doing the interview because it was like I was looking at the repentance process through Christ´s eyes.  I felt the love that He feels when he sees us return to Him through the beautiful path of repentance. It was also a good teaching moment for me too. I explained some of the things that he didn´t understand as well. He was able to be baptized on Saturday.
On Saturday we had a stake missionary activity. My stake is called Oriental and there are about 16 missionaries in it. They had been practicing before I came. They did a play about finding our friend that we knew before we came to Earth and sharing the gospel with them. We also sang a few songs that were really cool. It was a great activity. Afterwards we had the baptism of Alexa, Mahonri, Jared, and Hanna. They were all pretty much children but all converts. The water was nice and yellow. The family asked me to baptize the three little kids. The last one I had to do three times because his foot kept coming up. The kid is a little punk though so he deserved it. Haha.
Yesterday I had my first sacrament meeting in a church since I left Fallon, Nevada.  It felt pretty good to see a ward with a bishop and everything. We have Priesthood at 9 and sacrament at 11. During sunday school they asked me if I would give a talk in sacrament because the speakers didn´t show up. I guess I can speak spanish now because I did it with no problem. Oh but the word King Nebuchanezr in spanish is really difficult. Haha.
We only have two other people that are close to being baptized so I just got to do work. Esmeralda and Jauna Romero are getting baptized this saturday!
This is a great area with a bunch of people that are willing to accept the gospel. Don´t be nervous for me, Mom. It is really relaxed here. I live right across the street from a huge mall that even has a Wally World. My companion is super quiet and studies his Preach My Gospel in every free time that he has. Yes, Durango is a state in Mexico. This morning I washed my clothes Little House on the Prairy style by hand because we don´t have a good family like Hermana Lulu to take care of us. Which also means that I am going to lose like 100 pounds here too. Haha. I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in spanish this week and I know that it is true.
I haven´t heard from many of you lately (slackers) but I hope life is good. I love you all! Be happy and choose the right!
Elder Hubbard

 Baptism of Alexa, Mahonri (like the brother of Jared), and Jared

 The water was lemon flavored!

 Elder Gutierrez just dominating his PMG

 The new desk

Doing laundry

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