Monday, September 26, 2011

26 Septiembre

Buenas Tardes!
I don´t even know how to spell buenas, buenes. Fail. So this week was a little bit slower.  We have some great investigators that love listening to us but they won´t keep their committments and aren´t progressing that well.  Every week we find new ones that always seem promising.  Topilejo had had like 1 baptism the whole year before we got here which should tell you a little bit about how well they listen here. One frustration is our branch.  There is almost no support for missionary work.  We watch all of these DVD´s about Preach My Gospel during companionship study and the missionaries in the states have all of these things to work with.  Members at lessons, cars, phones, ward mission leaders, bishops. It´s a little hard without all of those things.  In church yesterday I looked around and realized that the only men in the congregation were me, and two investigators. Haha.  This week we found out that we are not going to work in Ajusco any more after October 4.  Two more missionaries are going to be put there.  That will be better for us because we will spend less time traveling and less money too.   We had to find a house this week for them.  We found a perfect one it has two rooms and a bathroom.  Running water and everything.  No kitchen though.  The missionaries there might starve.  It´s pretty hard to find poptarts out here.  On Friday we had Zone Conference.  I really don´t know where that was but we took a taxi to get there.  The taxi drivers are impressive to say the least.  I think after my mission I will never get motion sick again in my life.  At Zone Conference Presidente Chavez spoke almost the entire time.  He is such a good teacher and knows the scriptures like Bruce R. McKonkie.  He was a seminary teach back in the day.  He talked a ton about how the world is getting more and more dangerous and there are Economic crisises and natural disasters.  He said he wants us to prepare to be good fathers.  He also in 20 years the church will have 100 million members.  I don´t know where that number came from but it sounds good to me.  Presidente also told us to do the right things for the right reasons.  Very important.  I love listening to him.  We will get a new mission president in June.  He rules with an iron fist but that is because a lot of elders struggle being obedient.  After Zone Conference we went to Ajusco to work the rest of the day.  It rained all day long.  We were walking to La Comida and I totally biffed it. Way hard.  But I got up and I didn´t even have mud on my suit. It was pretty crazy. I am so uncoordinated, but it might be because its always wet and my shoes are slick on the bottoms.  This week more fiestas started.  We had to quit early on Saturday.  It is a Catholic Holiday celebrating some Saint, I don´t know.  All I know is that in two days they baptized 1000 people into the Catholic church.  Only in Topilejo!! Elder Leyva and I want to go Samuel the Lamanite on them but that is frowned upon and also I value my life.  Saturday night we got to teach in the Castillo home who live right below us.  They have a man working for them who is indian.  He speaks pretty good Spanish but his wife very little.  We taught them part of the plan of salvation with as many pictures as possible.  I don´t know how much they understood but I can´t wait for the day when all of the descendents of Lehi receive the gospel in their language. You should hear them talk to each other. Que suave.   So we had two investigators at church yesterday in Topilejo.  Elder Leyva went to Ajusco.  I had to wake up this 15 year old boy to go to church.  He is such a good kid and baptism will be soon.  We gave a blessing this week to this poor mama that is suffering from depression and taught a Testigo de Jehovah.  That´s always fun.  We ate hot dogs three times this week. One with salsa verde, one with creme, and one actually on a bun!!! America is missing out on all of these ways to eat a Hot Dog. Not really.  Elder Leyva is a stud. I have never seen anybody iron jeans and a t-shirt like he can. He is from Trujillo, Peru which is like 4 blocks from the ocean.  He has told me that he will never come back to Mexico City. Haha.  Ocassionally we break out in USA chants Miracle style. He works way hard, loves the dance, likes to try to sing in english, and is really good at teaching with examples.  He has had one uncle as president of a mission in Peru and another as temple president so he has a good family.  He only has one younger sister, I think she is 17.  I am supposed to stay with him for another transfer but who knows what will happen because Ajusco is going to have other missionaries.  They might spilt us up.  The family downstairs, the Castillos, are so nice.  They are all women for some reason and all sisters and moms and grammas.  The great gramma is 100 years old, she has five daughters-Herman Lulu, Angeles, and Tibea. I don´t know the others. And then there is the daughter of Hermana Angeles who is Katea and has two kids, Paco and Fernanda.  Her husband works in San Diego.  She said to tell you high.  They love the missionaries and we can go down for breakfast, comida, or dinner whenever we want.  They never ask anything from us in return.  Really nice, loving, loud people.  Topilejo is straight ghetto.  I have never seen something so beautiful yet so ugly.  Everything has something growing green out of it but at the same time there is garbage and grafiti everywhere.  Not to mention anorexic dogs and drunk people.  Once I counted 12 ish dogs in front of us on the street.  They never come after us though. Our apartment is cold at night but I have some massive blankets and I sleep good.  My pillow is like a rock, I really want to buy a new one.  I am so thankful for your love and I always look forward to hearing from you!!! Have a great week.  This P-day was just another chill one in Topilejo.  We can´t play with our district because our district leader went to the hospital.  Alright I will stop rambling.  I love you!!

Elder Hubbard

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