Monday, September 19, 2011

19 Septiembre 2011

¿Que paso?
This week has flown by once again.  The time is going by so fast here.  How is everybody?? Thank you for all of your letters!! I still can´t send any hand written ones thanks to the non-existence of the US post office in Mexico.  I got some dear elders a week ago and I laughed so hard I cried.  First of all, Shayla.  Aunt Fest??? Really?  Get married already buddy. Haha. Chiste.  And I feel dad´s pain in his letters.  Forever 45...Haha. Anyways.
I´m not going to lie, nothing very exciting happened this week.  I thought the 15th of September was Independence Day.  All day long I thought this.  Until the next day I found out it was actually independence day. That was awkward.  But at the same time it, was like having two Christmases right in a row! Minus the joy and happiness.  This whole weekend was a giant party.  On Saturday night, the neighbors had a fiesta that had bumping music until 5 in the morning.  And all of the time these little kids are setting of these mini atomic bomb things.  The first time I heard them I thought somebody was dying.  We were walking one day by a Catholic church and some little kids were hiding. All of the sudden BOOM.  They set one off in the wall of the church.  This is not your average Fourth of July.
This whole week we didn´t go to Ajusco.  Only Topilejo.  We have 8 people that have said yes to baptism.  The only problem is we have to get them to stop working on sunday and come to church.  On Tuesday I ate rabbit at Andrea´s house.  It was actually way good and fresh.  It tasted a lot like chicken but had a lot more flavor.  Kentucky Fried Rabbit please. Wednesday I went to the area Cedral on intercambios again.  When I go there my companion is Elder Torres from Chiahuaha. We stay for like 2 hours at every appointment and it is not very enjoyable.  On our way back to Topilejo we fit like 35 people into an 18 passenger van.  That smelled worse that Priest´s quorum. Just kidding. But seriously.  On Thursday-day one of Mexican Independance Day- we had to get up at like 5 and go downtown to the offices.  Elder Reid, Beal, and Herman were all there.  It was so good to see them.  I love those kids.  We had to go to the consulate and sign our VISAs. I think now we are all legal.  I remember I ate 10 tacos al pastor afterwards. So good. The return trip to Toplilejo took a good 4 hours.  Presidente Chavez said we couldn´t work after mid day for our safety so we went home and I took a three hour nap. There are a lot of people here that need help.  But they don´t know that the only thing that will help them is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are alcholics, sick people, poor people, and depressed.  The don´t realize that Heavenly Father just wants them to experiment keeping the commandments.  We just have to give Him the chance and He will bless us.  There is no other way to find peace in this live and there is no other way for eternal life in the world to come.  I get frustrated sometimes because I can´t fully express myself.  But I know that the Lord wants me to be a missionary and He wants His children to come unto Christ.  That is the only reason I am here.  We were going to baptise 3 people yesterday-a family.  But they didn´t come to church.  This week I realized that we need to baptize faithful members of the church, not inactives.  They need to have testimonies so they can go to the temple some day.   We have a lot of work to do this week.  I wish we had a car. Haha. Sorry about the no pictures this week.  I can´t get the computer to work.  Hopefully next weeks letter will be more interesting.  I have been in Mexico for four weeks! It is a ton better than the MTC.  I love you all a ton!!  If you send a package make sure to load it up with tape and Virgin Mary´s!!  Have a good week!
Elder Hubbard  

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