Monday, August 29, 2011

Two letters AND PICTURES in one day!! Hurray!!

So apparently it is bad to take pictures during baptisms but we found out yesterday that is it.  I wanted you to see this one anyways. It could be my favorite picture of all time.We are going to baptize her mom as soon as we can get her married.  At every church meeting they ask me to direct music which I don´t know how to do it.  The songs are completely butchered.  I should probably learn how.  Shayla, the picture with the corn is for you.  Straight out of Nacho Libre.  It is grilled corn with mayonaise, lime, chile powder and cheese.  Suprisingly good but very gross to think about.  I have already eaten it twice.  The first time I thought I was going to throw up afterwards for sure but I didn´t even get a stomach ache.  It was so messy.  No wonder it is on his face the whole movie. Every night I sleep like a baby.  I have never slept so well in my life.  We walk so much. I love it. My pillow is a brick.  Our toilet is pretty much right under the shower head. Haha.  From Topilejo we can see Mexico City really well. On clear days we there is no end to the city in the distance.  It´s baffling.  My companion is always trying to speak english.  I can understand him better in Spanish.  It takes like five minutes for each picture to load so I will keep sending them but not very many at a time.
So far today I woke up and did some exercises in our apartment.  It is so cold in the morning.  We did some personal study and then had breakfast at Hermana Lulu´s (the lady that feeds us and does our laundry) She made eggs with potatoes and salsa.  I love it.  Better than Taco Bell.  I haven´t even seen a Taco Bell here. If I do I am eating there.  Then we went to San Pedro and met four members of our district.  We played some basketball. Me playing with 5, 5 feet tall missionaries.  Not very much fun.  They don´t even know who Jimmer is.  Then we played some fútbol which was also not that fun.  The altidude kills the lungs.  Now I am here in this little store off the side of the street that has more technology than I have seen in a week. I will probably have to pay a ton for how long I have used the computer.  I don´t think I´ll have time to write any more letters today but next Monday for sure.  I´m going to get some tacos now! I hope you like the pictures.
Con cariño,
Elder Hubbard

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