Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally!! It has been a long week waiting for this!!

I finally get to write to you! And in English! I have been waiting so long for this I don´t know where to start.  So I talked to mom and dad Wednesday at the airport and then we left.  The flight to Mexico City was way short.  I had a hard time believing we were in México.  México City is massive.  I can´t even describe it.  We started flying over it and all I could see were houses and more houses and businesses and more businesses.  It is insane.  We got off the plane and went through customs and I had no idea what was going on or what these people were saying but we finally find the missionaries who came to pick us up and left.  It was raining like always.  Every single afternoon it rains and every night is like the biggest lightning storm I have ever seen.  It is actually pretty sick.  We went to the mission offices and then to the mission home.  The mission home is like a temple on the inside.  It is so beautiful.  President Chavez and his wife made us our first Mexican dinner.  It was Salmon with rice or something and I almost guarantee I won´t be eating that for the next to years.  He and the AP´s taught us about the mission vision for a way long time which I didn´t get much out of because we woke up at three in the morning.  That night we slept at the Mexico MTC which is right next to the temple.  Everything is so short for me.  I hit my head on the doorway yesterday at church.  Tuesday morning we went to a stake center for transfers.  My companion is Elder Leyvas from Peru.  He is a great missionary and I can already tell we are gonna be good friends.  He has taught me a ton in the last week and he has only been a missionary since February.  Our area is called Topilejo.  It is in the outsides of Mexico City.  It is so green and beautiful.  I love it.  I am so glad I am not in the middle of the city.  Out here is packed too but not as much. We walk and take buses everywhere.  The drivers our insane.  Mom couldn´t handle Mexico City because there are almost as many dogs as people plus being on the streets is worse than Space Mountain.  We took the metro to the stake center tuesday and Elder Herman bulldosed into it because it was so packed and then so I would get left behind I grabbed his hand and pulled myself in.  I had to stand with my hands above my head because there was no room.  That is a could summary of Mexico City. Haha.  Here in Topilejo our apartment isn´t too shabby.  Our neighbors our members and feed us twice a day and do our laundry.  They are way nice.  All older woman.  Sometimes I am scared to death because there are like four of them screaming at me in spanish trying to get me to eat the food how they want it.  Haha..  When we got to Topilejo on Tuesday I went with Elder Leyvas to exchange a soda bottle.  I started talking to a man there named Lalo and he invited us to teach him.  My first contact.  So sweet.  Our first lesson was with a woman named Rebeca who is going to be baptized but has to get married first.  The problem with every one here.  Her house was like a chicken coupe.  All houses our way poor.  They always have metal bars and front doors too.  I will send pictures.  We contacted a ton that day and found a family with like 9 little girls and taught a lesson.  We are going back this week.  On Thursday I went to a pueblo called Cedral on an exchange and spent the night there with Elder Torres.  We did a lot of walking without teaching much.  On Friday we were looking for a contact and couldn´t find the house.  We had no idea where it was.  I knocked on a random door and it was the right one.  We taught one of our best lessons so far there.  I gave a Book of Mormon to a kid named Alberto from New York who was estatic to see an American.  I stick out here.  The little kids stare at my hair.  I invited a family to be baptized on our first visit.  We taught them about the gospel and I asked them to be baptized when they knew are message was true and they said yes!! The people here are so humble and friendly.  They will give me anything and each other anything.  Every house we go to they want us to have lemonade or jarritos.  So get ready for this...On Saturday I baptized a little girl! Elder Leyva is way nice to have asked me.  We went to a church in San Pedro like 20 minutes away because all we have is a branch and a little house for a church.  It took all day to fill the font and find baptismal clothes for the little girl.  I leaned over the font once and pulled a Herb Hubbard.  All of the contents of my front pocket into the font.  Haha.  She is a little nine year old and so cute.  She had the biggest smile on her face after I baptized her.  It was such a happy day.  I had to practice saying her name for like an hour to get it down.  But I ended up messing up somewhere in the rest of the prayer and had to do it twice.  Haha.  It was such a good take and I am so lucky to have had that opportunity.  Afterwards I had my first street taco.  It was so good.  All of the food here is.  We eat tortillas with almost every meal and just have different things for them.  I´ll tell you more about that in the weeks to come.  So I am definitely not in Fallon, NV anymore.  It is green not brown.  There are people not cows.  It is almost cold at some parts of the day not a billion degrees.  And it rains all of the time.  I have the third smalled mission in the world.  After temple square and Mexico City Northwest.  It was split while I was in the MTC.  I love it here! I have not been sick, I am preaching the gospel, and I have not been robbed which I don´t think will ever happen.  It feels so good to be out of the MTC.  I know that every single one of these people needs the gospel and I have it.  I can help give it to them.  The language is going so well.  I still have a ton to learn but I am getting much better understanding the natives.  If the conversation is about the Gospel, I am straight cash.  Elder Leyva helps me with the language all of the time.  Within the next month I think I will be able to understand every thing and speak most things.  Everything here is grafitied, people sing when they are selling things on the street, it is the weirdest sound. Thank you for letting me come and supporting me!! I won´t let you down. I love you so much.  If you have any questions just ask me and I will answer them.  The only people I am allowed to email is my family.
My address is
Misión Ciudad de México Sur
Av. Progreso 106, 3º piso
Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán
DF, México 04010
or you can use pouch
I love you! I still can´t believe I am here.  I walk on the streets and laugh because it is so funny.  I now understand a lot more about life.  haha.  I will write every Monday!
Elder Hubbard (NOBODY can say Hubbard. Nobody.)

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