Saturday, August 20, 2011


This is my last email that I get to write to you in the MTC!! I am so excited to get out of here even though I am so greatful for everything that has happened to me here.  It seems like years ago when I last emailed you.  As a zone leader this week I have had tons of opportunities to help serve the missionaries here.  I had tons of talks with random missionaries in our zone just trying to help them get over a road block that they have.  Here, the smallest things can be magnified because there are so many forces that want to stop us from going on missions.  As I have been here I have learned the most from Elder Beutler.  My favorite parts of the MTC was when I had interviews with him.  He is my District Leader and I am his zone leader so we can both help each other out.  He is so Christ like and a friend to everyone.  I try to be more like that all of the time because I can see the joy that one friendly person can bring into people's lives. 
On Saturday Elder Herman and I taught our best lesson ever in TRC.  It was to a returned missionary who served in Mexico and is from Mexico.  We taught him how he could get better answers to his prayers and committed him to doing some simple things.  I asked him to bear his testimony and he told us a story about prayer on his mission.  It was such a good experience.
We hosted missionaries again on Wednesday.  I took one of Jacob Baird's friends from back home which was random and then another one of my friends from college.  It was good to see him.  I don't think you know who he is.  Our last class was on Thursday with Hermana Cannon and on Wednesday with Hermano Stoddard.  He got married on Wednesday and has only been home since June.  They were both great teachers and I learned a ton from them.  It has been so hard for our district to focus this week because the end is so close.
On Wednesday we also got a new district.  This one is not as ready to go as our last one was and way quiet.  One of the missionaries is having a really hard time.  He asked us to take him to talk to the Branch President on Wednesday night and afterwards told me all about his family.  His mom got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and only with live for a couple more.  It is so sad and hard for this missionary.  He asked me to give him a blessing that night and I had no idea what to say but I must have said something. I have been talking to him a lot since doing all I can to help.  I got him to promise to stay until at least Sunday which is a good start.  It is crazy how hard of challenges some people have to deal with.  I have learned that whenever I have challenges to focus on helping other people and then you will forget about yours and things will work out. 
Today we did not have P-day.  We are having an In-Field orientation where we are learning about finding people to teach, having faith, using members, and all sorts of stuff.  I am writing this during dinner.  We have it till 9:30 tonight.  My Spanish has probably gotten worse this week because of all of the stuff we have had to do.  I feel comfortable going with how much I know though.  And it will come so much faster once I finally get there.  Tomorrow I will have to pack and do everything I need to to get ready.  I'll send a ton of pictures home and probably some other things too.  Don't write any dear elders tomorrow because I won't get them before I leave.  I will call you when I can, I got the phone card.  Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.  I love you and I hope I can make you proud in Mexico.  Please pray for the people there.
Elder Hubbard

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