Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16 abril 2013

It was a fun week. The best part was easily Laura and Michel´s baptism on Thursday night. They are going really strong and now have many friends in the church. The Sister who gave us the referral also came and participated in the service. I went on exchanges with Elder Mata again this week. He is the AP who I was with for a couple of days in Febuary. He is from my generation too so it is a lot of fun. We had to go to President Valadez´s house to drop him off of few things. He was there in a Cruz Azul soccer hat, shirt, and shorts. I had to keep myself from laughing. I think I am going to give him the Cruz Azul jersey that was given to me in Topilejo. I am more of Pumas de UNAM fan. Haha. Elder Mata and Elder Bass also went to our baptism. Good news, the water in the font was clear, not green. Always a plus. Wow, I can´t think of anything to write today. We´ve been juggling our responsibilities as zone leaders and in our area. We have about 4 investigators right now that are making a lot of progress and have now gone to church four times. Elder Lee and I get along really well and have a lot of nerdy conversations. He has taught me how computer programing works, how 3D images work, the list goes on. That´s about all I got. Enjoy the pictures I sent.

 I love you and miss you.

Elder Hubbard

 Presidente and Sister Valadez, with son Yair

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