Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 febrero 2013

It´s been a great week here in DF. I definitely learned a lot. I was so excited to hear that Travis is going to Melbourne! When does he leave? A missionary couple that was in my mission here is serving in that mission right now. They had health problems so they had to leave. Their last name is Oillataguerre, so if you meet them, tell them hi for me.
So this week I am living in a house with the APs and secretaries in the mission. One of the APs is in my area with Elder Herrera. I got here Sunday night and I am going to be here until Thursday morning and then  will find out where I will be going. I already know that I will be transfered and I have all of my luggage here all packed up. I feel like a nomad right now. This could be my last area which is insane. I am working with Elder Mata who is from my generation. I have known him for about a year and it is always fun working with him. The area that we are working in is really nice. It´s called Coyoacán. There is a lot of turism, there are no hills, and all is well. In my next area I am thinking that I will no longer be a zone leader since I have been one for 6 transfers. I hope I can be a district leader again or just a normal missionary.
My trainer, Elder Leyva will be going home this week. I am going to miss that Peruvian.  Time goes by so fast.
Yesterday I had a Zone Leader´s council  here in the offices that was really good. I feel a little bit overwhelmed with all of the things that we need to remember to do every day. The mission is struggling right now in our leadership. There are not a lot of elders that can become district leaders or zone leaders.
Later today we are going to pick up the package that you sent me. I think that it´s been there for about a week so I hope it´s still there.  I think this is a boring, short letter once again but I promise that the next one will be a lot better. But anyways thanks for all of your emails and for always remembering me. I know that God is in the details of our lives and He gives us the challenges that we need to keep progressing.  I know that He has watched over me and protected me and all of His Children.
Love you!
Elder Hubbard
ps. Here are some good maps of my mission.

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