Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Agosto 2012

Hellooooo family!!!
How is everybody? I had a great week here in Mexico City.  I have decided that it is sometimes like time doesn´t exist here because the weather never really changes. It´s never really hot or cold and about every other day it rains a ton. Last night I ran from the bus stop to my house  in like 20 seconds and got soaking wet.  I have decided that I love Mexico. It´s so different than the US.

One day this week I chilled in the mission offices for a while because Elder Bunker had to go sign for his VISA again. Apparently he was illegal. Haha. I waited for him for most of the day there. I helped Hermana Oillataguerre (she and her husband are a missionary couple). Most of the time I was asigning the referrals on the computers to the right area of the mission using Google Earth. I also made a map for President Valadez of all of the missions here in DF.  It was a nice change working in the offices for a day.  It reminded me of when I used to help mom out at the junior high.  The good old days.

So this week we almost didn´t teach any lessons. We dropped a ton of investigators too. But I don´t feel bad because we are working hard and we contacted a ton of really good families that accepted us. I love teaching families the most because they have the opportunity to some day go to the temple to be an eternal family.  We do have a few investigators that are going along pretty well though. One named Sol, is going to get a prothesys leg pretty soon. We taught her about priesthood blessings and at the end asked if she had any questions. She asked,"When can you give me a blessing?" Haha. We gave her one right there and I know it will help her.

I also had a cool experience on sunday. Every Sunday night Elder Bunker and I have to train the district leaders in whatever we feel like is necessary.  The district leaders also have their companions there. One of them has always had a hard time paying attention, and just acts like he doesn´t want to be there. He has some obedience problems as well. I talked to him and his companion by themselves and starting asking him some simple questions, encouraging him a lot, and showing him his strengths. We saw a complete change in him afterwards. He participated, made good comments, and thanked us at the end for the training. I felt so happy to be able to help him and feel like I have learned a lot about being a better leader this week. All you need is love.

As a zone leader, I have definitely spent less time in my area work and more time in buses and meetings, but I am still learning what the Lord wants me too. I know that here is where He can teach me what He wants me to know for the rest of my life. I love my Father in heaven and I am here to serve Him and His children. It´s really hard but a lot of fun. I have been so healthy here in Mexico too. I don´t know why I brought a whole Pharmacy of medicine because I never use it. I feel bad that Max got sick. I saw some adds for the Bourne Legacy. I think I bought that book for Mark one year. You have see it and tell me how it is. Anyways, I´ll stop rambling now. Have a good week and I love you wall. Choose the right!

Elder Hubbard


 micro that goes to Cristo

 Miguel Angel´s baptism

 tacos de carnitas

 Elder Call´s last day


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