Monday, July 23, 2012

23 Julio 2012

¿Qué tal familia?! Como les va?
I hope you like suprises because I forgot to tell you that my preparation
day is on Monday this week! It´s because there are transfers this week.
Every six week it will be like this as long as I am zone leader which
probably won´t be too much longer. Haha. the good news is that Elder Bunker
is going to stay here with me for another transfer!! This is his last one
before going home! We were so excited when President Valadez told us that
we were staying. Elder Bunker and I are really good friends. He is a great
missionary. I am pretty sad though because my great friend Elder Call will
be coming home on Wednesday. Don´t be suprised if he ever drops by the
house for a visit. Haha.
This week I had my first interview with President Valadez. It was really
short because he had them scheduled from 9 in the morning until 6 at night
without any breaks. He is so much different then President Chávez was but I
can really feel is love and concern for me. He asked me how I was and
showed me a few scriptures.  He told me that he loved the zone conference
that we did and that I am doing a great job. I hope he´s right.
I made a great discovery this week that I should have done about 13 months
ago!!! It´s name is Preach My Gospel. Ever heard of it?  It might be one of
the coolest books ever. I started studying from the beginning this week and
I have already seen the results as a missionary. I invite every member to
study it and think of how they can apply it to their lives. Every member
has responsibilities and in PMG they are all there.  I have especially
learned a lot from studying the lessons that we teach. I realized that this
work really is the Lord´s work. He does everything. He gives us the
prophet, he gives us the Book of Mormon because he knew all of the
confusion that was going to come, he answers are prayers, he blesses our
families when we live the gospel, and he loves us.  He really does want us
to succeed and he cries with us when we suffer. It means a lot more than I
realized to say that he is our Heavenly Father.
I am not gonna lie, the missionary work was pretty slow this week.  We
actually found some really good investigators though. In the first lessons
I made a few people cry, and don´t even know how. One of them I asked if
they were happy and the other if she wanted to get married to her
boyfriend. Instant tears. We have been in a slump for a while now with
baptisms but this saturday we are going to have the baptism of a nine year
old named Miguel Angel. We found his family that was inactive and now they
are all going to church again. Miguel Angel´s brother even got the
priesthood yesterday! They are a really poor family but love to give us
what they have. I am amazed at the love that some people have for the
They almost ran over my companion this week with a truck! They really need
some more of that Tommy Tompson´s driver´s ed here. He would not be too
pleased. The truck was flying down a hill in reverse and luckily I was
looking and yelled "aguas" at Elder Bunker and he got out of the way.
Aguas. Haha. It means like watch out or careful here.  But I am glad Elder
Bunker is not in the hospital. We also had to deal with a couple of Elders
that got beat up this week. That was crazy. President Valadez closed the
area that they were in.
Bueno. That´s all I got for this week. I hope that the next letter with be
more exciting.  I was thinking about all of my friends that are on missions
right now. There are a lot of us. Miles, Had, Tommy, Kevin, Mitch,
Jake, there are a bunch.  I am glad they are out here with me. I love you
all! I pray for you every day.
Elder Hubbard

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