Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012

What´s up!!!!!!
We dominated this week, finally. I told you we would. Haha. But I actually do feel a lot better now.  We got a ton done and I feel like the area progessed a lot. Elder Rosales and I started going running every morning outside. We run to a little park that has some random stuff to do excercise. It feels really good because it is still dark in the morning when we go and it isn´t hot outside. Most of the city smells like rotten eggs but it´s because of the sewage under the streets. They call them black rivers. Ghetto. But I like it.
One of the days this week I went to the Granjas area with Elder Herpel. We talked a bunch. President Chávez told me that I can help the elders in my district most by doing interchanges. So I tried to see where I could help him and I also stole some ideas from him to keep learning spanish. I learned a ton of new words this week. We went to an old investigators house there in Granjas and I wanted to knock the door next to it so we did. A 20 year old kid came out and loved our message. I told him he could be a missionary like us in a year. Haha. We also taught one more lady that accepted a baptismal date. It was a good day. There was also a tiny earthquake there but it was almost nothing.
Friday was also a really cool date. We taught Fabiola and her family with a member present. We taught the family the doctrine of Christ.  They all want to be baptized so bad on April 28th. Diego who has 25 years will for sure but the others have to get married. We told them we can go marry them in one day, they just have to decide to do it. I hope they do.  Fabiola wants to change her whole life but knows that it is going to be hard.  We also taught the sister of a young man who just got his mission call. Her name is Fernanda and has listened to a lot of missionaries but hasn´t ever done her commitments. She felt the Spirit a ton in the lesson we taught her and was crying. Afterwards she read what we left her and also went to church on sunday.   We had nine investigators in church on Sunday. All of Fabiola´s family for three hours and they loved it. It´s nice having a chapel instead of a casa de oracion.
Today we went to a rich members house and played fusbol and air hockey as a district. It was way fun but I´ll probably be sore tomorrow. Haha. Just kidding. But seriously. Elder Rosales and I get along really well. He gets along with other people pretty well and talks a ton so I don´t have too. He helped me fixed my posture this week. I have been a hunch back my whole life. Haha.
So that was my week. It was a good comeback but I hope this week I will be able to serve even better. One of the things that I have liked in my personal study is studying all the different names of Jesus Christ. He has a bunch. I realized that every one of them is a different form of the vision that He wants us to become. Creator. That´s a cool one to study. How can we follow the example of Jesus Christ and be creators?
Bueno. I hope you had a good birthday mom! I´m glad that I can be a missionary to bring the gospel to the people that need it most. There are a lot of good, lost people in the world. I love you all! I know that my Redeemer lives.
Elder Hubbard
 Elder Herpel and I

 me in Agricola Oriental

 that´s a big city

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