Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Enero 2012

How`s it going?
We had a really good week this week even though our numbers didn`t really show it.  It was once again another week of learning, making myself better, and learning every day. 
It`s crazy how up and down the days here are. On Tuesday we were not feeling it at all in the morning. We were just in a slump.  After La Comida we both prayed for the help and the strength to keep working hard and not walking around aimlessly. Then our day completely changed and we ended up having two great lessons.  Prayer is so important for me and I am glad I can talk to my perfect Heavenly Father whenever I feel like it. One of the lessons that we taught was with the godchild of Hermana Lulù, Nicolasa. We taught about the Apostasy when Christ`s church was lost from the earth. She asked us if that meant her catholic church wasn`t true. Haha. Somehow we answered that well enough that we went back on Saturday and taught her the Restoration. She really understands that we should have apostles, prophets, revelation, and the authority to act in God`s name. Now the family is reading the Book of Mormon and we will go back on Sunday.  We also taught Uriel this week and had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. He is reading, and praying, and he has a lot of real intent. It is really good to see. These two families are our most interested investigators right now.
On Thursday we had some interchanges with Ajusco. I went to Ajusco with Elder Malpica. It was so sweet. We tear it up together. We were walking on a street looking for a house when we got a little bit lost. Elder Malpica said that we had to be there for a reason so we started looking for that reason. We contacted one lady and got denied. Then we saw some stairs and went down. We were halfway down when I looked to my right and saw a young man of 17 years old just sitting on the steps looking at me. I contacted him and we taught him right there. He loved it and they got a appointment to go back. It is so sweet how our Heavenly Father knows where each one of His children are at every point of their life. That is how we find the people that are prepared to be taught so they can come closer to Christ.
On Friday we didn`t even go to our food appointment we were so busy.
This week I finished Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. That book blew my mind. I loved it so much. Christ suffered so much in His life just for us. All we have to do is open our ears and open our eyes and He will be our Savior.  I know that Christ lives and that He will come again. And only the valient will be able to stand with Him in that day. We went to Parres and found an inactive family. They haven`t seen missionaries in 15 years. So we will be visiting them more because they want their kids to be baptized.
The only people that we were able to come to church this week were some other inactives. We have been visiting them for a while and they were finally able to come. It felt really good to see them there.
The baptisms have been pretty slow but we have seen a ton of progress in the branch. Elder Perea and I don`t want to baptize people that are going to stop coming to church in a month. That is the worst feeling. 
Thank you so much for everything and all of your love. I hope that Aunt Nancy gets better soon. And respect to Elder Adams and his mission call. 
I love you all. That`s all she wrote.
Elder Hubbard

An email from his Mission President:

muchas gracias por su informe,
me da mucho gusto saber del gran trabajo que están haciendo en su area,
gracias por su fe y dedicación en edificar la Iglesia,

con amor,

Pdte. Chávez
from his email to his Momma
We eat a lot of bananas here and mangos and limes. Oranges and mandarines too. It is all really tasty. A little better than the US. I love strawberries and cream. Mom, I weigh 178 pounds! That is nuts!! I would say this is a normal weight. I would knock Mark out. Haha. He couldn't send pictures this week, the internet was not working very well.

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