Monday, September 5, 2011

Hola Familia y amigos!!!

This week flew by and was way faster than the first week in México.  I wanted to tell you that I can only email my family and I will have to figure out how to send letters to the rest.  Mom and Dad, and my family--you should email me every week so I can read them on Monday.  Dearelder is way to slow and I have to wait till I go to the mission offices to see them. 
Okay, so this week was busy.  Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are always spent in Topilejo.  Wednesdays and Fridays in Santo Tomas Ajusco.  It is like a 20 minute bus ride. On Tuesday, we taught all day with this member named Hermano Carlos.  He is such a boss. He knows every single person in town.  He has only been a member for a year but helps us out whenever he can.  With him at some lady´s apartment we at grasshopper.  Dried and fresh.  That was interesting. Haha. They tasted a lot like sun flower seeds and the legs were way hard to get down.  On Tuesday and Wednesday both we did a lot of walking and not so much teaching.  That is never fun, especially in these mountainous hills.  On Thursday morning we had to go to the mission offices to sign some papers for my VISA.  We didn´t know how to get there because neither of us know the downtown area but we kept meeting members and other missionaries that helped us.  We´re never left by ourselves even when we think we are.  On the way back a drunk crazy guy popped out of nowhere.  He starting yelling at me in Spanish and then in English and then I said that I couldn´t speak English.  He kept telling me to get out of the country.  It was way funny and pathetic.  He asked me if I spoke dutch too.  Weird. We had a really good lesson with a 15 year old named Mauro too.  He is getting baptized as soon as he gets two church attendances.  The problem here is everyone works during church.  We also taught three other people- the Hernandez family who will get baptized as soon as they go to church too. It´s frustrating.  Yesterday we had ten people say they would come to church and only two of them did.  We taught them the commandments this week and they are giving up smoking and drinking coffee.  They taught us the law of tithing, we didn´t even have to say anything. Haha.  I told the Castillos-the family that takes care of us-that everybody at home calls me Hubbs.  Now that what they call me but it sounds like Hobbs. It´s pretty funny.  We have another investigator who believes everythng and is in Alma in the Book of Mormon but has to work every Sunday. Uggghh.  Friday night the familia Castillo took us out to get tacos.  Taco al pastor is the best food that I have ever had.  It is like from pork I think, all different cuts of pork, and then pineapple on top.  I can pound down so many of them.  We filled out some registros bautismal on Saturday.  Sorry I don´t know what that is in english.  It was for that familia Hernandez.  Hopefully they will be ready by the end of this month.  We went to Andrea´s-the girl I baptized- house this week.   They were cleaning their pig pen so we helped them with that.  They are such a happy family now which is good to see.  Their mom needs to get married before we can baptize her.  Afterwards we went wayyy out of town to visit some investigators.  On our way a drunk guy asked us for money and I went with my go to- I don´t speak Spanish.  He asked Elder Leyva if I was from the CIA.  He thought I was a spy and also told me that I should leave or he would do very nice things to me.  Haha. I said, Buenas Tardes.  We had a great lesson after that though.  We taught the First Vision and the family said they felt a lot of peace.  We are going back there this week.  I finished the Book of Mormon again on Saturday and I know that it is true.  Now I am going to read it in Spanish to see if it is true in another language. Yesterday at church we only had the two people come.  The 15 year old´s name was Brian. After church we taught him a lesson and he is going to be baptized on the 11th! I can´t wait and I hope it works out.  We went to his house last night and taught some more.  There was also a man named Abraham there and his wife.  They want to be baptized but are leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a year.  The lesson was way good.  We just talked about priesthood blessing because Abraham had asked for one.  I did the annointing but I had to in English becuase I don´t know it in Spanish.  Afterwards we said he felt something start at his head and melt all the way down his body.  I thought that was cool. Everybody describes the Holy Ghost differently.  I mentioned I liked Cruz Azul and he left and came back and gave me an original jersey.  These people here are so giving and loving.  He played for Cruz Azul and is a coach there now.  It´s a sick jersey and I am amazed at how nice people are here even when they don´t have a lot.  This guy lives in a shack and he just gives me something for know reason.  I gave him the tie I was wearing in return and said he had to wear it to church, baptism, and to the temple. He agreed.  Yesterday morning I was in the shower and something bad happened.  The soap slipped out of my hand and landed right in the toilet.  It wouldn´t have flushed so I had to do work last night and get it. Haha. Who puts the toilet in the shower?  Today for P-day our district went downtown and looked around.  I bought a tie for like 4 dollars and also had some McDonalds thanks to the Shelly Fund! Haha. Thank you.  We saw Zocolo which is like one of the biggest national monument here and a huge Catholic church.  The feeling inside was eery.  Not like the temple.  The branch in Topilejo has like 30 people every Sunday and I haven´t been to the one in Ajusco yet.  They are both houses, not churches and very small.  I want to combine the two towns and make a ward.  We get 1200 pesos a month which is like 110 dollars I think. Most of it we use for the bus and I don´t know what else.  I need some stuff though.  Spanish here is harder to listen too but when I ask them to slow down I can understand most of it.  I still need more vocab.  A lot more.  They also have a lot of phrases here that you have to learn or you won´t under stand.  Like Qué tranza, it means What´s in your veins? but it just means What´s up.  Okay I have to go to a meeting now.  I was going to send more pictures but I hope you enjoy these.  Have a great week, I love you!
Con cariño,
Elder Hubbard

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