Friday, August 5, 2011

Qué tal?

Another week just flew by! It seems like I was just writing to you yesterday.  A ton has happened this week.  So much that it´s hard to remember much of it. Haha.
I remember I got a haircut last Friday.  It is pretty goofy looking but let´s be honest, I´m a goofy looking kid.  I have to get one more five days before I leave the Centro Capatación de Misioneros...the MTC.  We taught a girl on Friday...a fifteen year old...from la Ciudad de México.  She moved here like 8 years ago but it was cool to be able to teach a legit Mexican. 
On Sunday, Elder Herman and I got called in for an interview with President Hansen.  I thought it was just a normal companionship interview.  He asked to be the new zone leaders starting this Sunday.  I feel really humbled and I know that I need to work ever harder.  The zone leaders are in charge of our zone obviously, and we have around 60 missionaries in our zone. So are job is to make sure they are obedient, not homesick, don´t have any other problems, feel loved, and anything else we can do.  I am really grateful for the oppurtunity to serve these missionaries and I don´t want to let their mothers down.  On Wednesday night we got a new district and Elder Herman and I met them and introduced them to some of the MTC stuff.  Four of them are going to Mexico City South!  So they could be future companions.  Last night Elder Herman and I helped give them a tour around the MTC because that is part of our jobs too.  They are a great district.  One of them played for Utah State basketball for four years named Elder Green.  He shot lights out against BYU. 
On Tuesday Gerald N. Lund came to our devotional.  He taught it more like a class or a seminar which I did not like as much but I still learned a ton.  One of the things he said was...Will you act on hope or do you demand truth?  The whole discussion was about faith.  Everything in this life and eternity comes after the trial of our faith.  It would be great if it was the other way around but it´s not.
I have now memorized the First Vision and Moroni 10 3 to 5 memorized in spanish.  The language is going well, I just need to get a larger vocab and be able to use all grammar when I speak.
Elder Leblanc left to Madagascar and Elder Cousineau to Culiachan this week.  We ate lunch together on monday.  I have a friend in my district named Elder McAlister who is a stud.  He is also really good at trading ties.  He took some of the ones that I wanted to get rid of and got some sweet ones.  I don´t really approve of the tie trading business on the mission  though.  It´s not what we should be focused on.
I have learned a ton about the gospel this week.  I have learned that it is impossible to learn the gospel by studying.  We have to learn it by living it and through the Holy Ghost.  We can´t understand anything without the Holy Ghost.  I realized that I am no better than any other person in the world.  We are all children of God and even the dust of the earth is better than me.  I wish I could be as exactly obedient as the dust of the earth.  We can never repay Heavenly Father by being obedient because when we are he just blesses us more and more.  Sometimes I wonder how He can love us so much! But He does.
Thank you for the package and all of the letters!  Perhaps this week or before I leave you could send me my patriarchal blessing, a new belt...mine is already falling apart, and whatever else you show your love with! Haha.  I am getting so weird here at the MTC.  I hope Mark and Bree´s wedding is perfect this weekend and the family has a fun time being together.  I love you all and miss you a ton.
Con cariño,
Elder Hubbard

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