Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

What's going on my friends?!
I can't believe this week has already gone by.  It was really busy and it seemed like I'm just doing what I can to not fall asleep.  I got to go to the temple this morning! We are supposed to be able to go every friday in the morning but because of renovation it's closed tomorrow through the 26 of July.  I am pretty bummed about that.  I was really nice to be able to go in there and relax and not worry about anything.  Afterwards we went ate at the cafeteria in the temple.  It was the best food I have had since I left! I got some biscuits and gray with some hashbrowns and it was only four dollars.  I should have been using that last year.
We had a lot of class and personal study this week.  It was a lot better than all of the huge group meetings we had to go to last week.  Class is once or twice a day in three hours sessions.  I even have one tonight.  They are really long but we get to teach five different investigators.  They are all fake but they seem real and we have to speak completely espanol to them.  It is actually really fun.  I have to pretend to be an investigator tambien.  Yesterday I was pretending to be an investigator and prayed to know if Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I felt the Spirit so strongly.  There is no doubt in my mind it happened.  Teaching is really draining especially when I barely understand spanish.  It is interesting how much I remember from high school four years ago when I can´t even remember what I learned last fall in college.  It helps to have a little help.  For personal study I just read El Libro de Mormón y conference talks y Predicad mi Evangelio.  It is really good but my district struggles being able to be quiet and get to work.  Some of them could have waited to mature a little before going. Haha.
Our first sunday we did a lot of personal study.  We also had one hour of Priesthood and one hour of Sacrament.  It was a huge meeting.  We were all in suits and the speaker told us to take our jackets off and the place got way lighter. It was pretty funny.  Like turning on a light switch.  I remember he told us to find our personal Sacred Grove. My branch president was President Egbert´s bishop at BYU.  That night we had a fireside about Alma 26 and the verses about Ammon wanting to return home but didn´t.  And then I watched the Testaments with Elder Herman and Special K. Or Elder Christiansen.  I see Mitch once in a while and he just complains about his companion. Poor kid. Haha he is doing good though.
I´ve been dominating the courts in basketball, not gonna lie.  Coach Rose is probably dropping by next week to see me play.  No big deal. Haha. I wish. Basketball is three on three half court and some of the kids are good and it is competitive.  I get to play with Daniel Lynn, one of my friends from BYU.  There is this elder in my district named Elder Beutler.  He is so funny and every time he talks I either laugh or feel the Spirit.  The kid is a stud. 
I can´t believe girls camp got cancelled!  I really sorry.  Are you going to do something else instead?  Thanks for the package! You sent me my favorite treats! We can't chew gum at the MTC, just a warning.  It sounds like everybody is going great.  I am going to try to write every one back eventually but it's hard to do in one day.  I am doing really well in spanish.  My prayers are good in spanish and so is my testimony. I have been dreaming about spanish every night too.  Last night I remember I was on a soccer field yelling "La expiación!" haha it means The Atonement.  So I am going to stop now so I can try to put some pictures on.  If you have questions I didn't answer just write them again, it's hard to get everything straight with dear elder. Please send some basketball shorts, Stu's address, and Orinn Bunn's if you can find it.  I love you all! have a good week.  Oliver is super cute and I wish I could hold him! I hope his jaundice goes away quickly.  Aaron and Lynze, you need to tell me what it's like being a parent.  Shayla, keep doing work and get married.  Mark and Bree, I love you both.  Mom and Dad thanks for everything!
Elder Hubbard
So I don't think the pictures are gonna work.  I might have to print some out and mail them to you.  I'm really sorry.

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