Friday, July 22, 2011

Julio 22, 2011

I can't believe I have been here for a month already!  The MTC is a place like I have never been before.  People are always learning, improving and becoming more Christ like.  I wish I could have come here before for like a week to see how I could get better prepared for it.  I think I would have read Preach My Gospel a lot more, but I did alright in the Book of Mormon category.  My BYU classes helped me a ton. I feel like I have learned how to study so much better here.
So this week flew by so it doesn't even feel like I have anything to write about.  We have taught a ton of lessons this week.  We have the same investigators every time that are progressing so it is pretty realistic.  With one of them we went through the 10 commandments and asked him to follow everyone of them.  I realized how hard it is for people to change their habits and soften their hearts, but repentance is a happy thing, and never sad.  It means you are going to be closer to our Heavenly Father.  Elder Herman and I have started singing at the beginning of our lessons to are investigators.  It is kind of comical, I know.  We were in the middle of singing "Mas Cerca Dios a Ti" when Elder Herman's voice cracked and he laughed the rest of the song.  I had to finish it solo style. Haha, good thing I have so many years of musical ability.
Our Zone leaders left on Monday. Elder Marshall was a really good friend of mine.  He is going to Philly, Pennsylvania.  We had their farewell ceremony in our room.  It was like one hundred degrees in there complete with body odor, but it was a good experience.  They gave us their fan so it is not as hot sleeping anymore.  I always wake up at like 5:30 or 5:45 and can't go back to sleep.  It is kind of annoying. 
Another one of our lessons this week started off with our investigator telling us his wife died that morning.  We felt so bad for him and we taught him the last half of the plan of salvation.  Eternal families are a great blessing.  Thank you mom and dad, for being such great examples to me and loving each other.  It means everything to me.  We committed the man to baptism so that is four out of five!
The gym opened back up this week which I needed very badly.  Our zone still plays Wednesday night soccer.  It is our zone against any one else that dares to compete.  We have a pretty athletic group of kids.  We always mop up the zone going to the Philipines and our celebrations after goals are excessive. Haha.  Most of my district at some point calls me Hubbs.  Even though we are trying to say Elder all the time.  I don't know why everybody ends up calling me Hubbs, but I guess it is who I am. Haha. 
Every Thursday morning we have service for an hour.  Our assignment always to clean our building.  Yesterday we did showers with a power washer and goggles.  It could have been the grossest thing that I have ever seen.  And it smelt like a hamster cage.  I got my typhoid and twinrix immunizations yesterday.  They were $154, so if you could take that out of my savings and onto my credit card that would be great.  Yesterday after dinner some random guy came up to me and asked if I was Hubbard's little brother.  I said of course.  It was Chance Dahl.  I thought that was pretty cool.  He wanted me to tell Mark high.  You can never get away from good old Fallon, Nevada.
It sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun.  I wish I could hold little Oliver just once.  Even though I would be scared out of my mind.
I have a great testimony of this Church.  You need to read the Book of Mormon every day personally, as well as a family.  When you do this, you will never lose your testimony or be lead astray.  I love you so much and miss you.
Thank you for the dictionary and pictures.  They were perfect.  If you want to send me anything this week, I like the cinnamon bread from costco.  Haha.  You are the best!
Elder Hubbard

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