Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Successfully Delivered

It is one of the hardest good things you can ever do. About 1:00 this afternoon Sam and I dropped Tyler, or Elder as he was referred to as soon as he got out of the car, at the MTC. He was very brave, I on the other hand was not that brave. Dad told him he wasn't hard-hearted, someone just had to be able to drive. When we pulled into the drive at the MTC we were told which spot to park in. There were missionaries waiting to help new arrivals. As soon as we pulled up, three missionaries came to the car, asked which bags were his, said I'll take the two big ones, you get the little. There were hugs for Mom and Dad, a love you and off he went. Fortunately we drove slowly enough out that we could watch him and then tell him we loved him one last time as he went inside. This has been a LONG day.

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